Wonder Woman Getting New Comic Series

| Oct 14, 2015
Wonder Woman Getting New Comic Series - 2015-10-14 20:02:44

DC Comics will publish a new Wonder Woman series in the lead up to Superman V Batman: Dawn of Justice. This new series will focus on the early days of the character giving fans more of an idea on what lead the character to the point she is in the movie focusing on her life before she left Themyscira.

Titled The Legend of Wonder Woman, the comic will be launching on digital platforms and will feature art and writing by Renae De Liz. It has not yet been said if this new series will connect with the overall DC Universe; it will give new fans of the DC universe a taste of the character before the 2016 Zack Snyder.

Legend is only the second digital solo outing of the character, the first being the critically acclaimed series, Sensation Comics. That series giving many writers and artists take on the character of Wonder Woman was announced it would be ending in December.

It is good to see DC pushing it’s heroes onto new platforms, and it is also nice to see them giving a new take on the iconic heroine of the DC Universe. The series is anticipated to launch in January, along with some other new DC takes on classic characters, including Swamp Thing written by Len Wein.

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