World Championship Boxing Manager 2 Gets an Official Release Date

world championship boxing manager a retro game we didnt know we needed a sequel to 982013

Coming back with a bang after nearly 33 years, World Championship Boxing Manager 2 is ready to knock your socks off again with its new release date.

Long live the days of the Commodore 64, turning that bad boy on in the 90s to play a fun game of World Championship Boxing Manager. Whether you had a C64, an Amiga, Acorn 32-bit or Atari ST, I guarantee you’ve played or at least heard of this classic boxing simulation game from the 90s.

World Championship Boxing Manager 2 features expert former boxers like: Sue “Tiger Lily” Fox, Rocky Marciano™, and Sugar Ray Robinson™ who you can have as coaches during the game. This also comes with a hiring system which you can use to ensure you have the training team you deserve.

World Championship Boxing Manager A Retro Game We Didnt Know We Needed A Sequel To 194608

Get excited about an extensive skill system which will allow you to build the boxer you’ve always wanted to be. Some examples of the kind of pugilist you can come to expect from the game are: one-punch wonder, hard-hitting ring king or a super stamina warrior. 

If you’re a streamer on Twitch you’re in luck with this game as viewers can take part in the boxing experience with you with viewer-triggered events that can affect the player either negatively or positively.

“This Winter, Recruit, Train, and Pit Your Roster of Fighters Against the Best in the Ring in This Latest Iteration of the Popular Retro Franchise” Look out, World Championship Boxing Manager 2 is going to hit (no pun intended) your PC via Steam very soon and Ziggurat Interactive has plans for the game to spread throughout different consoles as well. 

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Though it’s not the 90s anymore, the feeling of turning on this specific PC game is not lost; January 17, 2023 is truly a day of nostalgia as World Championship Boxing Manager 2 finally comes out, presenting itself to new and old fans nearly 33 years after the first. New and nostalgic fun, here we come! 

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