Wrecking Ball Rolls Out Into Overwatch Next Week

Wrecking Ball Rolls Out Into Overwatch Next Week

Blizzard just revealed the release date for Wrecking Ball, Overwatch’s newest hero. The hamster, who is also known as Hammond, will be ready to join the fight on July 24.

Wrecking Ball was revealed last month, which quickly gained popularity in the form of fanart and cosplay. Since then, the hamster has some spent time in the Overwatch PTR.

It was revealed that he will be a new Tank hero, whose role is to protect his teammates by holding the front line.

His primary weapons are the Quad Cannons, which can rip enemies to shreds if they get caught in the crosshairs. With Adaptive Shield, Wrecking Ball can generate health based on how many enemies are near him, making him difficult to defeat as he either rolls into the fray or away to safety.

The Rollability allows Wrecking Ball to withdraw the mech’s robotic limbs, transforming it into a ball with increased movement speed. No obstacle can stand in Wrecking Ball’s way when he uses Grappling Claw, a short-range ability that grips the environment, letting him swing across terrain gaps or around corners to smash enemies.

As for his secondary weapon, it’s the Grappling Claw, which can knockback and damage enemies while letting Wrecking Ball swing around just like his namesake. Meanwhile, when airborne, Piledriver lets the hamster slam down on his foes.

As for Roll, it can be cast while in midair for deadly combos. With this ability, Wrecking Ball transforms into a ball, increasing his movement speed. Finally, Wrecking Ball’s Ultimate is Minefield, which deploys 15 proximity mines around him that explode on enemy contact.

Hammond came in like a wrecking ball when he was revealed, and things can only get more chaotic as he rolls out into Overwatch next week.

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