Xbox 20th Anniversary Recap—A Fun Look To The Future and Back

Xbox 20th Anniversary Recap—Fun Look Back and Forward 1

The Xbox 20th Anniversary event showed lots of great memories of the company and fans in the past 20 years. It also teased a few exciting things coming soon as well.

The Xbox 20th Anniversary event kicked off with all the Xbox start-up sounds and visuals, which then continued to show off an array of emotional memories and real-life stories of how Xbox gaming has united over the past 20 years. Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, even shares some words about his journey as an intern to where he is now and how “gaming has brought so many people from different cultures and backgrounds together.”

This led to the announcement of a new docu-series called Power On: The Story of Xbox. The six-part series will have interviews and footage covering the beginning of Xbox up to where it is today. The special series will drop on December 13, 2021, available to stream on Roku, IMDb TV, Youtube, Redbox, and other platforms.

YouTube video
Xbox 20th Anniversary — Power On: The Story of Xbox

Also, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson makes his massive appearance to promote his new Netflix film, Red Notice! But also showed how fans can win hundreds of awesome exclusive merchandise items that are up for grabs from the Xbox Vault—all they have to do is sign-up for a chance to get them. The Xbox Vault is said to be inspired by the film.

Some cool prizes include a “commissioned artwork of The Rock unveiling the original Xbox on stage in 2001”, limited edition Red Notice trading cards with 12-month subscription codes for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, “metal-cast replicas of the prized antiquity from Red Notice, adorned with precious gemstones and hidden Xbox “Easter eggs” in the design”, a custom Xbox Series X console, design-inspired from the film.

YouTube video
Xbox 20th Anniversary Xbox Vault Challenge

Another great announcement was that over 70 new backward-compatible Xbox games have been added today like these fan favourites, which were released on older generation Xbox consoles: Gears of War games, Fable games and more.

As far as Halo news, there was a small look at the Halo live-action series streaming on Paramount+ in 2022. It showed off Pablo Schreiber donning the Master Chief look with his scarred back and suiting up in his Spartan-117 armour. The voice of Jen Taylor’s Cortana saying, “Hello, Master Chief” was also revealed. A pre-recorded musical performance in Sydney, Australia showcased a montage of awesome Halo campaign moments alongside the classic, exciting music fans enjoy.

One of the best announcements for Xbox gamers is that Halo Infinite Multiplayer Season 1: Heroes of Reach Multiplayer Beta is available now, with the campaign still expected to arrive on December 8. The presentation shows off a bunch of multiplayer footage—probably from the tech previews that were happening in the past year—that highlights some new voice lines and features in the multiplayer mode for Halo Infinite. And then, the event comes to a close.

More Xbox updates are sure to come around soon as the Halo Infinite campaign launch ramps up, post-celebration.

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