Xbox 360 Machinima App Launches Worldwide

The first day of May does hold importance—it marks the start of the countdown to the May 21 Xbox next-gen reveal event. And as Xbox-related news seems to dominate the online gaming sphere, Microsoft has released this week a media app for their Xbox 360 game console.

Neowin, a gaming and technology news site, reported Microsoft launched an app called Machinima. According to their website, Machinima describe themselves as a “next generation of video entertainment for gamers”. Their products are featured on various social media outlets, such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. The app is available to the countries and territories that sell the Xbox 360.

The Machinima app will offer to Xbox 360 owners content found on their popular YouTube channel, which includes gaming news, trailers and original content such as 2012’s Halo: Forward Into Dawn series. Also, those who have a Xbox Live Gold subscription can use the Machinima app to share videos on Facebook.

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