Xbox Series X and S in Stock at EB Games All Access

The Road to Xbox Series X: A CGM Story 12

Jumping into the next generation of gaming has been a challenge with many having a hard time finding an Xbox Series X/S in stock. Thanks to the Xbox Series X and S financing option, you can now get your hands on a Series X for $39.99/month for 24 months, or a Series S for $29.99 for 24 months.

While this does appear to be a big commitment, especially considering you are looking to just buy a new console, this plan also includes Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, that will run you around $16.99 monthly alone. This will give any plan holder access to a series of Xbox first party games, a large selection of third party titles, and an ever growing library from Electronic Arts games though EA Access. It will also gives you access to the Xbox Game Streaming service that you can use on mobile, along with Xbox Live Gold, for all your online needs.

This is not the cheapest way to buy the console, even with the bonus of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, the normal $599 console, now cost a new buyer $959 for the Series X and the normally $379 Series S console will cost a staggering $696. This does take into account the added cost of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, that as said previously would run you $16.99 monthly, so you would need to want that service to make this deal even remotely appealing. The financing is managed by RBC’s PayPlan service, and does not require any money down to get things started.

The Xbox Series X/S and the PS5 have been extremely hard to find since the lance last fall, with each new console stock drop being cleared out in a matter of hours. Not all the people buying the console are looking to play them, with many appearing on storefronts like Facebook and Kijiji with shocking markups.

For anyone who is looking to buy a new Xbox Series X/S, and does not want to resort to markups or financing, stores are working to ensure all new stock goes to want to be buyers. Thanks to Twitter and other social media, retailers are working to announce stock to give all people a chance to purchase when they reach online shelves. CGMagazine has been following the situation, and will be bringing news when any new stock hits Canadian and US storefronts as soon as we know. We will update this story as soon as this EB Games All Access stock runs out.

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