XSplit Presenter Makes Presentations Personal Again

XSplit Presenter Makes Presentations Personal Again 2

XSplit Presenter can make remote work better by giving you the ability to do personal presentations that can bring teams closer to a purpose, without sacrificing the possibilities of a remote workforce.

A lot of companies tried remote work for the first time during the pandemic and most people preferred the flexibility and freedom of working from home. Having the ability to perform presentations and training remotely can give companies and teams the freedom to hire from anywhere in the world.

XSplit Presenter makes this future possible by providing users with the tools necessary for pulling teams closer together for those really important conversations, no matter where they are in the world.

Xsplit Presenter Makes Presentations Personal Again

XSplit can work with software as a virtual camera so it’s naturally integrated into the experience. XSplit Presenter bridges popular presentation tools like Google Slides and PowerPoint with video call apps like Zoom, Teams, and more. It also lets you share mobile, web, and desktop apps in your presentations. This means that if you need to talk in a specific section or jump over to Microsoft Excel for some details then you can. XSplit Presenter makes it possible and makes it easy.

This reduces the amount of screen changing and it also means you don’t have to mess with screen sharing. It puts your tools and your data into the presentation so you can focus on providing your information instead of looking for it. XSplit Presenter is perfect for delivering engaging presentations while working remotely. It helps you keep the closeness of a team and a presentation without needing to actually drag everyone into a physical room.

XSplit Presenter is currently in Invitation Only Beta with an Open Beta scheduled for Late May. XSplit has a video on its YouTube channel that shows how easy it is to use. It looks like it’d be perfect for content creators that work in teams remotely.

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