Brazil Games Coalition Makes Strong Showing at Gamescom 2021

The Brazil Games coalition came out strong at this year’s Gamescom, stepping up and telling the world about the country’s rapidly expanding indie development scene.

Today, we’re taking a deeper dive into three Brazil Games studios leading the charge: Rockhead StudiosCafundó Creative Studios, and BitCake Studio. These fantastic studios are more critically-acclaimed examples of the great things happening in Brazil’s thriving games industry and prominent members of Brazil Games — an export program created by the Brazilian Game Companies Association, ABRAGAMES, in partnership with Apex-Brasil, the Brazilian Trade, and Investment Promotion Agency.

Of course, what’s a game company without the games? The great thing about the Brazilian game dev scene is the sheer variety of titles across all genres and platforms. Want to relax with some fun but casual multiplayer racing action? Rockhead Studios has you covered with Starlit Kart Racing. For players after a more serious, immersive VR experience, BitCake Studio’s DeMagnete is the perfect fit. And if a haunting but challenging and entirely unique puzzle game is more your cup of tea, Tetragon, from Cafundó Creative Studios, is a perspective-shifting tale of a lumberjack trying to save his son that will certainly scratch that itch.

Brazil Games Coalition Makes Strong Showing At Gamescom 2021

Rockhead Studios is gearing up for a brand new entry in their popular Starlit series, this time around switching up genres with Starlit Kart Racing, a cute and colorful cartoon racer starring all your pals from Starlit Adventures, coming to mobile September 9.

Starlit Kart Racing Key Features:

  • Powerups and Bosses: In classic “kart” formula, the racers can pick up special items and weapons to use against the other players and even bosses, because who needs speed when you’ve got bombs and boomerangs!
  • Your Favourite Heroes and Villains: All the stars of the Starlit franchise are here for your enjoyment, with wacky custom karts and adorable hats.
  • Varied Terrain and Weather: Get down and dirty in the mud and rain or take a nighttime cruise under the starry sky, different weather conditions keep things spicy on the track.
  • Choose Your Engine: With different categories of race available, players can keep it chill at 150cc or put the pedal to the floor with the intense 600cc tier.
Brazil Games Coalition Makes Strong Showing At Gamescom 2021

Cafundó Creative Studios recently launched the brain-bending puzzler Tetragon, which finds players in a square-shaped world where the walls can suddenly change position and alter the direction of gravity.

Tetragon Key Features: 

  • It’s a Beautiful World: A gorgeous art-style highlights the innovative and challenging puzzle-based setting.
  • Up is Down, Left is Right: In order to solve each puzzle, players can change the position of the planes and towers to alter gravity, creating platforms and stairs by spinning the world on its axis.
  • A Heartwarming Tale: Join dedicated father Lucios, a humble lumberjack who must brave the complex world of Tetragon to save his son, Jerry.
  • A (gravity) Well of Content: Hundreds of puzzles, mazes, and challenges, across 40 different levels in three magic worlds. 

Tetragon is now available for PC via SteamPlayStation 4Xbox Series X | S, and Nintendo Switch for $14.99 USD.  

Brazil Games Coalition Makes Strong Showing At Gamescom 2021

In July, BitCake released DeMagnete, a VR game focused on mechanical progression, narrative, and puzzle-solving using the powers of magnetism.

Listen to the newly released DeMagnete soundtrack on SpotifyDeezerApple MusicYouTube Music, and Tidal.

DeMagnete Key Features:

  • Virtual Reality Magnet Gloves: Solve an intricate series of physics-based puzzles using the power of magnet gloves — positive attracts, negative repels.
  • Beautiful, Immersive Visuals: Taking the quality of VR to the next level, DeMagnete features stunning, lush visuals and vivid colors.
  • A Mysterious Story: Uncover the secrets of the cryptic cave and its even more enigmatic host, the keymaster AI which controls the environment and guides you through its chambers.
  • Lots to Discover: More than 40 puzzles that utilize a variety of original magnet-based mechanics that become more complex as the player progresses through the chamber.