Fortnite, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Hearthstone concept artist Trent Kaniuga Enters the NFT Space, the leading no-code generative NFT studio & platform has announced its partnership and NFT collaboration with legendary concept artists Trent Kaniuga. Trent has worked on some of the most popular video games and comics in history, including Fortnite, World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, League of Legends, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Thor, Muties, and Marvel Knights. Trent will be releasing a limited-run NFT collection scheduled to drop on January 26th 2022. 
MetaGecko’s Gen 1 is an original collection designed by Trent Kaniuga and launched on the Ethereum blockchain using the suite of tools. The Entities studio empowers artists to design inspired generative art collections. Each collection’s artwork is randomly generated on-chain at the time of mint via blind minting or a mine-to-mint experience.
There are three paths to publishing an NFT collection via the platform. A self-deploying feature that enables users to design their collection using the studio and to deploy their collection directly on their site. An incubation avenue where the EntitiesDAO votes on collections to be included in the incubation program that supports artists on their journey via personal coaching, guidance, and dedicated marketing resources. The third option is the Entities Partnership Program where influential artists like Trent Kaniuga can design and launch NFT projects with support from and proximity to the Entities team. has a deep and rich roadmap including gamification studio features such as battle, breeding, and support for artwork types voxel, 3D, and animated. has even brought on a new CMO heavyweight from the data visualization industry, Scott Guttenberger. Mr. Guttenberger has grown SaaS data visualization companies such as NinjaCat and TapClicks and now has his goals to grow Entities.
“Working with Trent and bringing his artistic influence to the NFT space has been a dream come true. We think we have created something magical here that spans across gamers, card collectors, comic book fans, and of course, crypto and NFT adopters. The work Trent has created for our partnership is stunning, and we can’t wait to release it come January.” -MetaFox, CEO
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