Nanoleaf Launches Lines LED Light Bars, The First Ever Modular Lighting Beam with Backlit Illumination

Nanoleaf, the global industry leader of smart lighting innovation, announces today Nanoleaf Lines, their newest generation of modular color-changing lighting products to create the ultimate gaming setup.

Nanoleaf Lines are smart backlit LED light bars featuring a never-before-seen modular form factor and dual-color zones per line, offering an ultramodern look paired with forward-thinking technology to bring you the next generation of color-changing smart lighting to upgrade your battle stations.

Nanoleaf Launches Lines Led Light Bars, The First Ever Modular Lighting Beam With Backlit Illumination
Nanoleaf Lines

Following their globally successful series of Shapes and Canvas light panels, Nanoleaf has established themselves as the original creators of the modular color-changing LED light and has quickly become one of the must-have accessories for gamers everywhere. Nanoleaf Lines now reinvents the idea of modular design, offering ultra-lightweight light lines connecting together at 60-degree angle increments to create sleek linear layouts and grand geometric shapes like your favorite characters or logos, allowing users to customize their desk setups like never before.

Each Lines light bar contains dual-color zones with over 16M RGB color options for the ultimate customization of your setup. The diffused lighting technology blends different hues together for seamless color mixing, while the backlit glow casts an immersive RGB design on your walls.

Bring your setup to life with Lines using dynamic lighting Scenes like the subtle ‘PlayStation Chill’ or vibrant ‘Fortnite Storm’ to transform the way you experience your games. Lines come with 19 preset Scenes out of the box, including 7 Rhythm Scenes that dynamically react to your favorite game soundtracks and sound effects in real-time. Users can also explore thousands of new Scenes in the Nanoleaf App or create their own for their favorite games and share with the community using the detailed Scene Creator which includes 16M+ color options.

Completing your entertainment space, Lines also transforms gaming with Nanoleaf’s Screen Mirror feature which syncs up on-screen colors and animations across your lighting setup. With four different modes available, users can choose the exact type of experience they want, whether it’s Match mode’s ultra-immersion to feel like they’ve stepped right into the action or Palette mode’s subtle reflection of color sequences.

Users can also connect Nanoleaf Lines with Razer’s Chroma-enabled devices to bring their entire gaming setup to life. The integration syncs up your entire setup with your gameplay for an immersive RGB rainbow display taking you beyond the screen. Create a fully ambient battle station with dynamic colors and real-time lighting effects reacting to your game, from exciting flashes to vivid explosions. There are also preset lighting effects to choose from to easily transform your setup and enhance each gaming experience.

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