Skullcandy Announces Human Potential Labs to Shape How Music, Science and Technology Can Unlock Human Potential; Working to Break Wingsuit Jump World Record

PARK CITY, Utah, Oct. 21, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Skullcandy, Inc., (Nasdaq:SKUL) the original performance and lifestyle audio brand, announced today the launch of Skullcandy Human Potential Labs to accelerate Skullcandy’s position to unlock sports and human potential through music, science and technology.

“We’ve been working for over a year to assemble a world-class team who’s just as passionate as we are about studying what’s possible for human potential at the intersection of physical, mental and music,” said Hoby Darling, Skullcandy’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “The obvious application of our efforts is through Skullcandy’s roots serving extreme athletes and the creative class with music in innovative ways. But because we believe that music can help anyone, we’re also looking beyond elite athletes and artists to help everyday people achieve and do more.”

Three-time Olympian Emily Cook leads a team of in-house athletes, engineers, industrial engineers, PhDs and former U.S. Olympic trainers and physiologists working to inspire innovations and combine ideas from a variety of competencies. The Human Potential Labs’ mission is also pursued in collaboration with a cross-disciplinary advisory committee and research partners – experts in sports, medical, military and creative fields. Research is in progress at several leading universities, including the University of Southern California and University of Utah. The program is further enriched by ongoing work with the Music and Memory Coalition, which serves Alzheimer and Dementia patients through music therapies, and the Utah’s Children’s Center.

As part of the program announcement and breaking-ground for a brand new lab in Park City, Skullcandy is partnering with former United States Navy SEAL and expert skydiver, Andy Stumpf, in preparation for a World Record wing suit jump. This fall, Andy will attempt to to exceed the current World Record of 17.83 miles absolute distance traveled in a wingsuit, in order raise funds and awareness for the the Navy SEAL Foundation.

“Working with Andy has been incredibly rewarding” said Emily Cook, Skullcandy Sport and Human Potential Manager. “He is putting his life on the line for a cause he believes in and we want to give him all the tools we can to make the jump a success. It is an honor to work with such a dedicated and selfless athlete who aligns perfectly with Skullcandy and is truly living life at full volume.”

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