The New York Knicks and Squarespace Announce the Make It Awards

The New York Knicks today announced that they have partnered with leading website building platform Squarespace to kick off “Make It Awards,” a program that will provide select tri-state area entrepreneurs with the funds and exposure they need to hustle hard, and bring their businesses to the next level. The winning businesses, four in total, will be provided with a $30,000 grant and use of select Squarespace’s marketing inventory at Madison Square Garden. The submission process will call for applicants to share details on their business, a link to their website, the story behind their inspiration for becoming an entrepreneur, and a plan for how they would use the funds. From Jan. 8 through Jan. 31, participants will have the opportunity to apply for this initiative on

In October, The Madison Square Garden Company and Squarespace announced a multifaceted partnership rooted in their shared passion for the hustle and grit that defines New York and its residents, which was highlighted by Squarespace becoming the Knicks’ first jersey sponsor. The Make It Awards are a continuation of that partnership, and an embodiment of the desire both organizations have to give back to New York in order to make a difference in the community.

“When our partnership with Squarespace first began, the ‘Make It Awards’ were a key component of what we were trying to develop, as two companies who are focused on the future of our communities,” said Ron Skotarczak, Executive Vice President of Marketing Partnerships at The Madison Square Garden Company. “From the start, we wanted to build a program together that was unique and supplied direct support and recognition to the independent workforce.”

“Seeing the Make It Awards come to life represents another huge milestone in our partnership with the New York Knicks,” said Kinjil Mathur, Chief Marketing Officer at Squarespace. “The program is especially symbolic because Squarespace’s CEO and Founder, Anthony Casalena, started the company with a $30,000 loan from his father. We can’t wait to pay it forward, and give back to business owners like Anthony who have helped define New York’s entrepreneurial culture through their grinding and determined spirits.”

Throughout the first week of February, executives from Madison Square Garden and Squarespace will work together to choose the four winners. Those recipients will be notified by Feb. 7, and each business will receive their financial prize along with their own individual weeklong promotion at MSG. The promotional program includes a wide array of publicity at MSG including the opportunity to promote on the MSG Networks digital boards on 7th Avenue, which offers exposure to the more than 1 million people who walk by the Arena each day.

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