Pixels & Ink #262 – Hacks and Thrones

Pixels & Ink #262 - Hacks and Thrones 1

While game news was slow this week at Pixels and Ink, the entertainment news managed to keep the team busy with everything from HBO, Netflix and The Dark Tower.

HBO has been the subject of a hack, and much like many data breaches before it, it is hard to tell exactly how much was stolen and how much is bluffing on the part of the hackers. While it is clear some scripts, video and data was compromised, it is hard to say how far the hack goes. But as the panel argues this week on the cast, it does not really matter. Game of Thrones has become such a watercooler show, which even if you know what will happen, many will still sit down at their video device of choice and tune in every week. A little spoiler never stopped people from diving into the show in record numbers.

But while HBO is drawing in the record setting audiences, Netflix is losing some major content from the platform. Disney, makers of all things Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and of course Disney Animation, will be pulling all their content from the streaming Goliath Netflix, in favour of their own streaming platform. While little is known about what the new platform will offer, or what it will cost, this loss is a blow to the Netflix ever shrinking third party library.

If that were not enough news related to TV, exit polls show that 83% of people would still watch a Dark Tower TV Series, even with the movie being sub-par. This could mean there is still hope we will see more from the Dark Tower universe, although at this point it is starting to feel like a cursed property, especially the way the movie production has gone so far.

Things were not all entertainment this week though, No Man’s Sky once again was in the news. A new patch will not only fix some bugs but will add a new story mode to the game. As our panel concludes, while it is a nice addition, it is hard to imagine No Man’s Sky managing to regain the hype and excitement it lost after the tumultuous launch.

The big movies this week also get some attention. Annabelle, Wind River and Good Time are all touched on, and Phil goes over what is worth your hard earned money and time this weekend. Quinn dives into Masquerada and lets everyone know why it is better than expected, even if it is not as deep as some CRPG offerings.

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