Terrible Warriors: Symbaroum, Post-Game with Mattias Johnsson Haake

| December 15, 2021
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We wrap up our incredible gaming session of Symbaroum by inviting back to the table Symbaroum’s co-creator, Mattias Johnsson Haake.

This conversation was recorded fresh of the heels of our August recording sessions so while the players and GM knew how things went later in the campaign Mattias himself had only listened to the first two episodes. But after all the fun we had playing his game we absolutely had to invite him to join us for our post-game debrief.

This hour will not be your typical interview with a game creator. We heap love on him and gush about the game and share our favorite story point and Mattias opens up about the design choices and some of his favourite themes in the game and how Symbaroum formed into what it has become.

This is the final episode, for now, in our 12 part campaign of Symbaorum. If you haven’t listened to the complete playlist we highly suggest you go back into our feed and listen to them all before this interview, because we are going to spill the beans all over your spoiler alert.

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Come Play Symbaroum With Us

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Today’s Terrible Warriors are Mitch Wallace, Sean Horbatiuk, Ainslie Moors Mattias Johnsson Haake.

Justin Ecock is the GM and audio editor.

Music is licensed through Epidemic Sound

The Terrible Warrior Theme Song is by Epic Game Music

Symbaroum is created by Free League

And during this interview Mitch Wallace mentioned that he won a fan submission contest when he helped write the Symbaroum adventure, The Rite of Passage, which you can find and download by visiting drivethrurpg.com/product/329193/Rite-of-Passage

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