Batman Beyond #1 Review

Batman Beyond #1 Review 3
Batman Beyond #1 Review
Batman Beyond #1
| February 13, 2011

I honestly appreciated the Batman Beyond cartoon, and was frisson when the comic was announced. I cannot say it was not without trepidation; that it would stray considerably from the cartoon, and what I regarded. Subsequent to reading the six issue mini-series, my dubiousness evanesced. The artwork, writing and story were faithful to the cartoon. If you want a more extensive back-story, watch the first few episodes of the cartoon. The preceding mini-series and new ongoing transpire early in the Terry McGinnis and Bruce Wayne alliance, but not at the inception.

Having just finished confronting Dick Gayson’s clone, during Hush, Terry has been taking it easy engaging Jokerz, and devoting time to Dana. The protracted rest ends with Gotham in distress. This time, it appears as though Batman, is going to either have assistance from, or square off against the Justice League.

The local mall, and its occupants have been taken hostage by a criminal of interest to the Justice League. Among the hostages is Terry’s Mother and Brother. We can guarantee the League will not be enforcing their usual destructive justice, with Batman’s family in jeopardy. Bruce has already vocalized his opinion on the Justice League. Terry has had little experience with them and is very impressionable.

Batman is a disconsolate character, and having a teenage kid take up the cowl is very atypical. Maybe Terry will lose his family one day, and wholly inherit the name and suit he exhibits now.


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