Fear Itself: FF #1 Review

Fear Itself: FF #1 Review 3
Fear Itself: FF #1 Review
Fear Itself: FF #1
| July 26, 2011

Given how the actual “FF” comic is sidestepping involvement in “Fear Itself”, despite The Thing being transformed into one of The Worthy, it makes sense that Marvel would eventually put out a Fear Itself one-shot focusing on the Future Foundation’s reaction to The Thing’s transformation.

Unfortunately, it isn’t handled all that well, as this one-shot makes the cardinal sin of not feeling important or necessary in the lives of the characters who star in it.Reed and Sue predictably try to reason with an enraged/empowered Thing, and when Alicia Masters tries to help out, even that may not be enough to get through to the man they once knew.

The issue is written by a relatively unknown (at least to this reviewer) writer, Cullen Bunn, and the characterization feels a bit sloppy and one-dimensional.If this issue was to give us further insight into the Thing’s current mindset, it failed to do so in a meaningful way.

The issue was largely forgettable, with the only notable aspect being the artwork by Tom Grummett.However, even his artwork was unable to save this issue, and it wasn’t quite up to his usual high standard of work either.

This one-shot could have been much more than this in another writer’s hands, but as it is, it’s just another one-shot that is easy to avoid spending money on.

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