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Northlanders #41
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Northlanders has deftly ensnared my attention and become one of my most preferred reads. There is no measurable amount of fervor with which I can write, to describe the diligence and intensity to which these stories of old are woven.

The account of Birna Thorsdottir is a reverberating melancholic whisper. A crestfallen father leaves a people without a socially acceptable heir to the monarch. The struggle for power begins, those loyal to the old against the newly power hungry. The daughter of the dead king begins her reign with the rise of a blade against her enemy. She shows the character and courage required to lead her people, and they do follow.

The simple artwork portrays the landscape and difficult life of the Norse people of the Hebrides. Little dialogue is required to convey the messages of sexism and prejudices against women that are still relevant today. Seen as a burden of man, instead of an equal and a champion.


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