Vaesen Mythic Britain and Ireland Tabletop RPG Review

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Vaesen Mythic Britain & Ireland

Generally, I like Free League’s Vaesen tabletop RPG quite a lot. It has a cool setting, turn of the century gentlefolk solved mysteries and discover dark truths about the monsters still lurking in our world. The mechanics themselves place a strong focus on narrative, which is absolutely my cup of tea, and the books themselves are filled with possibilities, concepts, and story hooks to get you through your day. Frankly, the Vaesen source books remind me of a simpler time in RPGs; it’s a very early World of Darkness sort of vibe, for all its good and ills. 

Now, the already existing materials already give a lot of play options for a campaign of Vaesen, but its most recent sourcebook, Vaesen Mythic Britain and Ireland, provides a bevy of new character archetypes, new monsters to study, and a wholly different setting with all the ins and outs that come with it. If you ever wanted to play as a pugnacious pugilist or a tricky magician, then this is the source book you should be looking for.

“If you like Vaesen already, there is no reason not to look at Mythic Britain and Ireland…”

Appropriately, the new nasties your new character will be contending with are mostly of the grisly, fey sort of creatures, with all the side and wild hunts you could dream of. Personally, I love some nasty fairy business, so seeing Dullahan and Selkies in the new creature list fills me with some sort of joy. 

In keeping with the style that Vaesen likes to project, Mythic Britain and Ireland provides setting information on real-world places and historical figures (Folks like Bram Stoker and Oscar Wilde are fun to see) as well as descriptions of the mythic and mystical sort of goings-on in the region. Not only that but also two lovely, fully realized adventures to help get this ruleset to your table. Of course, all of this is festooned with the heavily stylized art that is all over every Vaesen rulebook.  

If you like Vaesen already, there is no reason not to look at Mythic Britain and Ireland, though I don’t think it is necessary to get into the system unless the fey setting tickles your fancy. The hardcover edition is a little pricey, but the digital edition is significantly more affordable and infinitely more shareable. Personally, though, it is a welcome addition to my gaming shelf. 

Final Thoughts

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