Superboy #7 Review

Superboy #7 Review 3
| May 17, 2011

Superboy has taken a revitalizing course change towards maturity. None of the teen-age, high-school dramatics that have plagued it since inception. Even the cartoonish artwork has been refined into more decorated depictions. Weather a mere whimsical intermission of exhilarating air, or an austerely indefinite redesign, readers will cheerfully appreciate and relish the respite.

The story too, narrates as a more aged and sophisticated libretto. It deviates and conducts the reader through constricted corridors on a stratagem of deceit. What is verity and what is flawed? Are Conner’s hallucinations of sincere fears, or like Superman’s “Black Mercy”, of fathomless ambition and desire?

I have optimism that Conner will be able to mend the puncture when Superman retires, and take the reigns. This issue prints a very minute moral snapshot of the internal and external confrontations on his trajectory to adulthood.


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Superboy #7 Review