War of the Green Lanterns Aftermath #1 Review

War of the Green Lanterns Aftermath #1 Review 3
| Jul 25, 2011

This mini-series explores the aftermath of the recent War of the Green Lanterns storyline, but sadly fails to capture the energy of the cliffhanger ending of the last instalment of the storyline over in Green Lantern.

Tony Bedard can’t seem to focus this story on any particular character or even theme, so as a result we get a mixed bag of a story, which features a lot of characters, but as a result has less time to actually focus on good characterization and storytelling.The ostracization of John Stewart, for the second time in the character’s history, feels very forced, and unnatural, as does Kyle Rayner’s anger with him.The Corps’ acting out of character being attributed to post-traumatic stress is a clever out by Bedard, but doesn’t really work, given who the characters are, and their whole raison d’etre.Sinestro having a Green Lantern Corps ring is more or less glossed over, considering how huge an event that is at this time, and the cliffhanger ending here lacks bite considering that it’s already been announced that Sinestro is headlining the relaunched Green Lantern comic in September.

The artwork by Sepulveda and Kirkham is nothing special, the inks and colours at times are a bit overpowering, and muddy the look of the book.This is a very forgettable issue, it’s not out and out bad, but then it’s not all that good either.

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