Dreo PilotMAX Tower Fan Review

Dreo PilotMAX Tower Fan Review 3
Dreo PilotMAX Tower Fan Review
Dreo PilotMAX Tower Fan
Company: Dreo
Type: Tower Fan
MSRP: $129.99
CGM Editors Choice

I get very hot at night and, quite frankly, a typical fan will not cool me. I was given the chance to have a look at the Dreo PilotMAX Tower Fan, but I was a bit skeptical. They were making a lot of claims and every other brand of tower fan that I owned has been a disappointment. I’m happy to say that I am sleeping cooler and standing corrected. 

The Dreo PilotMAX touts itself as one of the quietest and most powerful tower fans on the market and I don’t think they are lying. Pushing just shy of 1.5 Cubic Feet Per Minute at speeds of 26 feet per second, covering distances as far as 32 feet, this tops benchmarks set by virtually every other tower fan on the market, including Dyson, whose wind speed came in at only 76% of the Dreo.  

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It also covers a room better than most, while most oscillating fans cover 90°, Dreo covers up to a 120° rotation, but is customizable to 30°, 60°, 90° and 120°. This, combined with its power, lets you place this fan wherever you want in a room and make sure that the maximum coverage is reached.  

Noise is also a big selling point of most fans, or better yet, the lack of noise. At its quietest, The Dreo PilotMAX hums along at 25 dB, ranging from 7-18 dB quieter than the competition. Even at its loudest (48.2dB) it still ranks as the quietest among many popular brands, including Lasko and Honeywell.

“The Dreo PilotMAX touts itself as one of the quietest and most powerful tower fans on the market and I don’t think they are lying.”

The fan has 12 speeds and also has a 12 hour timer. It can be controlled both from the top of the unit and from the included remote control. The Dreo PilotMAX is also designed for easier cleaning by having a removable grill, which is phenomenal because I have pets and my fans tend to get a lot of pet hair accumulating on it after a while of use. 

The Dreo PilotMAX has four modes: Sleep Mode, where the speed decreases every 30 minutes, Auto Mode, where the fan speed adapts to ambient temperatures in your room, normal mode, which runs at a constant speed, and natural mode, where the speed alternates to match an outdoor breeze. 

The fan also has memory so even if the fan is unplugged, it will resume the previously used functions when plugged back in. The beeps that occur when buttons are pressed can also be muted if you are in a room where someone is sleeping, and you need to make adjustments, you won’t disturb them. 

More important than listing what it can do, we have to talk about how it feels… and the Dreo PilotMAX feels great. The power of this fan can literally blow the sheets from my bed. The fan sits about six feet from me and the cool temperature of the air being pushed through this fan makes me need to snuggle into my blanket and sleep soundly. 

The price tag of $129.99 USD almost seems unreal given what it can do. Its sheer power is enough to make this a $200 fan and its wide array of features easily could have added to the price with no complaints from me. It might be the best value fan I have had the pleasure of using. 

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