HP 715 Multi-Device Mouse Review

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HP 715 Multi-Device Mouse
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When it comes to computer peripherals for the home and office, HP has been among my go-to choices for everything from laptops to printers and, of course, computer mice. The HP 715 Multi-Device Mouse caught my eye as I was looking for a replacement for an old Logitech mouse that I keep around for use with my media setup.

As the name may suggest, the HP 715 Multi-Device Mouse is designed to allow the user to effortlessly switch between different profiles, including two Bluetooth profiles and one dedicated 2.4 GHz channel via the included adapter. With dimensions measuring 4.02 x 2.25 x 1.43 in, the HP 715 is designed with portability in mind, making it a perfect fit in my media drawer when I quickly switch between Windows and Android devices

Hp 715 Multi Device Mouse Review 23022202

Despite its compact size, the HP 715 features 7 buttons all in, including the hyper scroll button for the wheel and the pairing button featured on the back of the device. In addition to the left and right click, which have very little travel and actuate with ease, the HP 715 features two programmable buttons recessed on the left side of the mouse, which by default act as the back-and-forth keys for navigating websites and documents.

The sides of the mouse feature a grooved rubberized texture which not only gives the HP 715 some character but also gives the user a better grip when in use, particularly for the thumb, as it rests under the two side buttons of the mouse. The small but well-indented scroll wheel on the HP 715 feels distinct under the finger, ensuring a good grip when blazing through your daily deluge of memes (or essential work documents). Doubly so when using the hyper scroll button that rests on the face of the device, under the wheel.  

“…the HP 715 ensures a reliable and easy-to-carry mouse for working professionals or anyone on the go…”

Pairing the HP 715 mouse is as easy as switching between devices. Simply using the provided USB dongle, which comes housed inside the mouse itself, thanks to an easy-to-remove faceplate, gives the end-user a dedicated wireless connection with their device of choice. A small button on the back of the mouse switches between two additional Bluetooth profiles, allowing the HP 715 to not only pair with your Windows and MacBooks of the world but also easily connect to mobile devices without the need for any dongle or cable. 

Hp 715 Multi Device Mouse Review 23022202 1

HP promises three months of usage on a single charge, with the 715 Mouse requiring around two hours to charge via its included USB-C cable. From my time with the device, I noticed no dropped connection or need to charge the mouse. In other words, the HP 715 ensures a reliable and easy-to-carry mouse for working professionals or anyone on the go that is in need of something more substantial than, say, a laptop’s touchpad.  

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