Linksys Max Stream EA9300 Hardware Review

Linksys Max Stream EA9300 Hardware Review
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With the growth of streaming culture, getting a router that can keep up is absolutely necessary if you want good speeds while you are doing your day to day life. Managing multiple computers, phones, and gaming consoles is a tough task for any router and usually, it results in slower speeds across the board for all devices. That’s why there’s the Linksys Max Stream EA9300, a router designed to handle a heavier workload.

The router gives a great first impression right out of the box. The six antennae give off the impression that this is a router that can handle whatever you throw at it with ease. The LCD screen on the device provides a clean look that goes along with the patterning on the chassis. The simple design was carried on further into the setup where within five minutes I had a new Wi-Fi network that promised me faster speeds than ever before.

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This router joins others from Linksys with its MU-MIMO technology. While on the surface this acronym looks confusing, it is actually quite simple. Standing for Multi-User Multiple-Input Multiple-Output, Linksys promises that this technology will be like having a dedicated router for each and every device in your home. During my testing, the MU-MIMO technology came in handy as I kept top speeds on my laptop while streaming to my Chromecast, and torrenting data on another computer.

The Linksys Max Stream EA9300 is certainly a powerful router. Featuring a 1.8 GHz quad-core processor and 512MB of RAM, this router has the strength to deal with anything I needed. Being a Tri-band router provided a 2.4GHz connection of speeds up to 750 Mbps and two 5 GHz connections that could reach speeds of up to 1625 Mbps I could jump between.  My household speeds do not reach anywhere near the limit of the 5 GHz connections, so this router has plenty of space for me to play with when it comes time to upgrade.

If you are a user that prefers having a wired connection, the Linksys Max Stream EA9300 provides users with four Gigabit LAN ports that should accommodate any situation thrown at it.

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The Wi-Fi network in my home was solid after setting up the router. Immediately after setting it up and getting all of my devices onto the network, I went ahead and did a speed test. To my surprise, I saw an increase of 25 per cent compared to my previous speeds on my old setup.  The six antennae provided my home with complete coverage and I found no dead zones that prohibited me from access the network. Sitting in the backyard and on my porch, I still had full speeds, and was able to do whatever I needed to regardless of where I was in the home or what was on the network.

For any users looking to upgrade their home network to something that can provide top speeds regardless of what the other devices on the network are doing, you can’t go wrong considering the Linksys Max Stream EA9300. The price point is a bit high for anyone who does not have multiple devices that are going to need max speeds constantly. For users who need the absolute best from their network and have frequent heavy loads on the network, you can’t go wrong with the EA9300.

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