Linksys WUMC710 Media Connector (Hardware) Review

Linksys WUMC710 Media Connector (Hardware) Review 3
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Linksys WUMC710 Media Connector
Company: Linksys
Type: Router
MSRP: $149
| November 6, 2012

With today’s media centres the ability to connect to a network is more desirable than ever. Many older devices still lack the all important inclusion of Wi-Fi or if they have it, like in the case of the PS3, they are saddled with an aging Gspec that does not allow for optional access to the internet. This is where the Linksys WUMC710 Media Connector comes into play. This device, although pricy, could be the answer to the age old problem of how to connect all devices without laying out metres of cable though the walls or on the floor.

The setup of the device is extremely easy. Once it is unpacked and plugged in, the user merely has to click the Wi-Fi Protected Setup button on the front of the device. Thenjust do the same on the router and, that’s it, the media connector is ready to go. This was tested with the Linksys EA6500 Router, and it worked beautifully. Within a matter of five minutes the media connector was ready to go with a console and a computer accessing the net with little to no problem. Speeds were found to be as fast as direct wire but this could change if a large range of devices are all connecting and using the wireless at one time. It should also be noted that it comes with a CD should the easy setup not work.

Overall the Linksys WUMC710  proved to work as expected and is a welcome addition for anyone that  needs a way to connect devices in the living room to the network. The real problem is the price, sitting at $159.99, it is hard to recommend this to people unless they are in dire need of internet and cables are not an option. That being said, it works wonderfully, connects flawlessly, and gives top notch performance. If you can afford the price tag and need the service it provides it would make a welcome addition to your network setup.

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