Lovebox Colour & Photo Review

Lovebox Colour & Photo Review 1
Lovebox Colour & Photo Review
Lovebox Colour & Photo
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If you’re like me, then you’ve seen ads for the Lovebox online and for a split second, thought “that’s ADORABLE,” and then let it slip your mind until the next time. I can’t even tell you where I came across it originally, but the second the opportunity to review it came up, I jumped on it, and now I wish I had paid more attention when I saw it the first time around.

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Love Box – Review Photo by CGMagazine

The whole world has spent the last two years locked up in a pandemic, and even before that I spent a year on maternity leave, so I have been longing for contact with my loved ones for what feels like forever. Of course, we text, call and video chat, but something about the Lovebox makes it feel like someone has gone out of their way to think of you and put a smile on your face. You can give it to grandma, or your partner, or friend, or family member and shoot them a little smile any time you think of them.

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The best part about the Lovebox is how easy it is to use. For the person keeping the box, you have to plug it in, give your code (which is displayed on the screen when there is no message) to whomever you want to let message you, close the lid, and you’re ready to accept love from all over! For the sender, you simply download the Lovebox app to your phone, put in the code you are given by the box-keeper, and send away!

“What the Lovebox does is great, but it’s how it makes you feel that really sold me.”

There are three types of Loveboxes, and that is the only factor limiting what you can send. There is the Colour & Photo, the Black & White and the Hello Kitty Special edition. The Black & White Lovebox is the original model, costing only $129.99, with the Hello Kitty edition running you $166.99. You can also spend an extra $19.99 to buy more unique spinning hearts (which I’m really excited for, to be honest). The price is literally my ONLY complaint about Lovebox. I could reason with the $100 mark, but above that seems a little excessive for me.

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Once you get past the price, the Lovebox shines. The Colour & Photo can do exactly what it says, send messages full of colour and even send pictures from your phone! When I tested this feature out, I expected the photo to be grainy or pixelated, but it comes out very bright and crisp on the screen. You can also customize messages, send pre-made ones, draw pictures and send little GIFs.

What the Lovebox does is great, but it’s how it makes you feel that really sold me. Originally I had intended to give this to my mom or niece, thinking that I could use it to brighten their day. While testing, I kept it on my desk and passed the code over to some close friends and family. It wasn’t until I started receiving messages throughout the day that I knew how much I needed the Lovebox. Being a mom away from her kids, my six-year-old now has the ability to message me whenever he wants, and I smile every time. My partner can message me to say he is thinking of me and when that little heart starts spinning, I genuinely get excited.

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Love Box – Review Photo by CGMagazine

I wanted the Lovebox to share the love, but it turns out I wanted to keep some of that love for myself. Not only does the Lovebox perform exceedingly well, it just makes you feel good. You really can’t put a price on that. Whether it’s your sibling across the country, your best friend on vacation, or your son in the other room, when that heart spins, your heart will flutter, and that is exactly what Lovebox was aiming for.

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