Samsung 49″ Odyssey OLED G9 Gaming Monitor Review

Samsung 49" Odyssey OLED G9 Gaming Monitor Review

The Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 Gaming Monitor is a game-changer for hard-core PC gamers who crave an immersive and visually stunning gaming experience. With its massive 49-inch 5120×1440 resolution VA panel, 1800R curvature, ultra-fast 240Hz refresh rate, and 0.1ms response time, this monitor delivers fluid and ghosting-free visuals that raise the bar for high-end gaming displays.

The Odyssey OLED G9’s OLED panel technology is a key factor in its exceptional performance. It provides vivid colours and perfect black levels, creating an immersive gaming environment that pulls you in and refuses to let go. The OLED panel’s ability to produce true blacks and infinite contrast ratio means that you’ll enjoy richer colours and a more detailed gaming experience.

Stunning Modern Design

The design of the Odyssey OLED G9 makes an impressive and commanding statement. The 49-inch curved display and standout design flourish like the solid minimal stand and rear RGB lighting, giving the monitor a premium and futuristic look. Despite the large size, the display still manages a relatively slim depth thanks to the OLED panel, making it a stylish addition to any gaming setup.

Samsung 49&Quot; Odyssey Oled G9 Gaming Monitor Review

The setup is straightforward, with the stand clicking securely into place and requiring just a few thumbscrews. There’s also cable management built into the stand to help minimize desk clutter. Port selection is solid, including 1x DisplayPort 1.4, 1x HDMI 2.1, 1x Micro-HDMI 2.1, and a 2-port USB 3.0 hub. The on-screen menu system is intuitive, making it easy to adjust settings to your liking.

Stunning OLED Visuals and HDR Performance

The OLED panel of the Odyssey G9 delivers exceptionally vibrant colours and impressive HDR performance. Games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Cyberpunk 2077 look stunning, with neon-drenched cityscapes that pop with colour and shadowy scenes that still retain plenty of detail. Blacks are pitch perfect, critical for immersing nighttime gameplay.

The Odyssey OLED G9 also leverages Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology for even wider colour gamut coverage. In testing, it covered 100% of the sRGB spectrum and 98% of the DCI-P3 colour space, rivalling some of the best 4K monitors available. Colour accuracy out of the box is superb, with our measurements showing an average Delta-E of just 1.5, something few companies can boast. This screen can deliver nuanced, lifelike hues in supported games.

Samsung 49&Quot; Odyssey Oled G9 Gaming Monitor Review

Buttery Smooth 240Hz Gaming with FreeSync Premium

The Odyssey OLED G9’s combination of a 240Hz refresh rate, 0.1ms GtG response time, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro support, and ultra-low input lag delivers silky smooth, tear-free gameplay. Fast-paced competitive titles like Valorant and Apex Legends feel extremely responsive, with none of the input delay or trailing artifacts you sometimes get with slower panels. The lighting-quick pixel response time eliminates smearing during fast motion, keeping the action crisp. Nvidia G-Sync is not officially supported, but worked flawlessly in our testing with an RTX 4080.

The monitor’s massive 32:9 aspect ratio amplifies the sense of immersion across a wide range of games. Titles like Microsoft Flight Simulator and Forza Horizon 5 beautifully leverage the extra horizontal space, expanding your peripheral vision with wide scenic vistas that make it feel like you’re sitting in the cockpit or driver’s seat. You get a greater sense of environmental awareness in multiplayer shooters like Battlefield 2042, with more ability to spot enemies entering from the sides. Supported games can feel much more engrossing overall, and something I did not think would be that noticeable before testing out the monitor.

The Odyssey OLED G9 also delivers buttery smooth animation across a variety of genres. Fighting games like Street Fighter V and Mortal Kombat 11 benefit from the sharp motion clarity, enabling you to react quickly to animations. Fast-paced shooters like Doom Eternal and Fortnite also showcase the display’s top-tier motion resolution, avoiding the distracting ghosting issues you sometimes get with slower VA panels.

Samsung 49&Quot; Odyssey Oled G9 Gaming Monitor Review

Whether you’re into esports, RPGs, simulations, or action games, the Odyssey OLED G9’s superb combination of speed and picture quality brings out the full potential of today’s GPUs. Game support can be hit or miss, depending on the title, as with any ultrawide display. Some games fully support 32:9 resolutions, while others have limits or may need tweaks to avoid interface issues or cropped rendering at the edges. Also, competitive esports gamers may also still prefer standard 16:9 monitors. But for immersive single-monitor gaming, the Odyssey OLED G9 delivers an exceptional experience with supported titles.

Easy Access to Cloud Gaming and Xbox Game Pass

The Odyssey OLED G9 also makes it easy to enjoy cloud gaming services right from the monitor itself. The integrated Xbox app provides one-click access to Xbox Game Pass streaming, allowing you to quickly jump into Xbox console titles. Cloud services like NVIDIA GeForce Now are also accessible, and Samsung’s Game Hub aggregates all your gaming content in one place, including free demos and gaming services, making it easy to access with a click of a button. 

The only problem I found while testing game streaming is the aspect ratio. While all services work as expected, you will lose most of the screen real estate that the Odyssey OLED G9 offers. The services use a 16:9 centre portion of the screen, which means the rest is black and completely unused during gameplay or services. While not a game changer, it is disappointing not to be able to use all the screen has to offer, especially when the screen is so stunning to look at. Hopefully, these services will see updates in the future to support ultra-wide screens, but until then, we will unfortunately be limited by what the services support.

Samsung 49&Quot; Odyssey Oled G9 Gaming Monitor Review

Samsung’s Dex mode can also come in handy, allowing you to connect a phone or tablet and use the Odyssey OLED G9 as a massive secondary display. You can run your mobile apps on the monitor alongside PC applications, using the 49-inch screen for extra multitasking real estate. Dex makes it convenient to check notifications, stream mobile video, and more without having to look at your phone.

With extensive app support, you can do things like run Microsoft Office apps or Photoshop from your mobile device using the monitor. I don’t know if it is a reason to run out and pick up this gaming display, but the fact it supports it is just one extra feature packed into the Odyssey OLED G9 tool belt.

A Premium Price for a Premium Experience

The Odyssey OLED G9 also has built-in apps for services like YouTube and Netflix, giving you plenty of entertainment options without a PC. Just don’t expect the built-in 5W speakers to impress — they’re passable for media playback but lack bass and clarity. Honestly, this is the weakest point of the entire experience. If anyone is considering investing in the Odyssey OLED G9, you will want to buy a set of speakers; anything else and you will be left with an incredibly sub-par experience. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s expected from a monitor this thin, but it doesn’t change that it’s something a buyer will want to take note of.

Samsung 49&Quot; Odyssey Oled G9 Gaming Monitor Review

At $2199, there’s no doubt the Odyssey OLED G9 commands a premium price. And the extra-wide 49-inch size won’t be practical for all gaming setups. But for players looking to maximize their immersion with a cutting-edge display that delivers best-in-class visuals and silky smooth gaming performance, the Odyssey OLED G9 represents the current pinnacle of gaming monitor technology.

Its superb OLED image quality, lightning-fast refresh rates, and enveloping ultrawide format create a gaming experience that truly stands out. If you have the desk space and hardware to support it, the Odyssey OLED G9 ushers in a new era of high-end gaming displays.

Final Thoughts

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