Sonos Move (Hardware) Review

Sonos Move (Hardware) Review 3
Sonos Move (Hardware) Review 2
Sonos Move
Company: Sonos
Type: Wifi Speaker
MSRP: $499.99
CGM Editors Choice

Sonos has long been known for quality home audio. They have built a brand of devices that bring the world of internet music, quality sound, and integrated audio to countless homes worldwide.

But even as fantastic as the solutions that Sonos provided are, they never had anything that made it easy to move or carry with you to a room not currently setup. This is where the Sonos Move comes into play, which is one of the best, well equipped, and portable speakers that we have ever used.

Sonos Move (Hardware) Review 2
Sonos Move – Photo Credit: CGMagazine

Anyone who has ever used Sonos can tell you it’s a fantastic system that lets you bask and enjoy audio anywhere you have a plug. It gives you access to libraries full of streaming music via Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, and even your own collection or Vinyl should you have the required components.  Not only that, but Sonos Move also offers Bluetooth, something missing on all previous Sonos systems to date.

The Sonos Move carries forward years of technology and refinement and packages it into a relatively convenient, easy to understand device. The addition of a 10-hour battery, Bluetooth, and easy charging makes the Move one of the most exciting and most versatile devices Sonos has released in a long while.

Sonos has spent years developing the Move, and from the sound quality to the design, this effort and attention to detail is seen throughout the device. It sounds good and can take the punishment needed to be a speaker on the go. From drops of rain to general wear and tear, the Sonos Move is built to last.

Stylistically, the Sono Move looks very similar to what we have seen in past Sonos products. A clean black design will fit most rooms, with the subtle Sonos logo and controls being easy to access without being obtrusive. Sonos even managed to build in a handle that can be used to lug it around within the space of the back cutout for controls and inputs. It speaks to the elegant design language Sonos has been utilizing up to this point, with the Move feeling like a culmination of all the lessons they have learned over the years.

Looking at the top of the Move, you will find the standard set of controls: play/pause, forward, back, microphone mute, and an array of microphones to use a virtual assistant should you be so inclined. Much like the Sonos Beam and One, the Move will let you set up Alexa or Google Assistant should you want another smart home device.

Sonos Move (Hardware) Review 3
Sonos Move – Photo Credit: CGMagazine

On the back, in the alcove for the handle, you can find the power button, a Bluetooth/Wi-Fi switch, and the join button. All in all the Move feels very minimalistic, opting for a clean look over flashy controllers and features. Yes, there are countless other things you can activate and turn off, but Sonos has relegated these minor elements to the app, leaving the device clean.

Even though the Move looks elegant and modern, Sonos have built this device to last and take a beating.  The Move boasts an IP56 rating, meaning it can get wet, get dust on it, or even work at up to 55 degrees Celsius and as low as -10 while still playing music. The speaker also comes with a 2,500mAh battery that netted us around 9-10 hours of playback, depending on a few environmental factors. The Move also carries quite a bit of heft to its little package, weighing in at 6.6lbs or about 3kg. 

If that were not enough, the charging dock for the Sonos Move can charge it up to 50 percent in about an hour, with it taking up to three hours to fully get the Move’s battery to 100 percent. Sonos even offers the ability to top-up your Move with USB-C charging bricks, although they should be 2V/3A, 15V/3A or 20V/2.25A for best results.

Inside the Sonos Move you will find a range of technology powering the sound. It features one down-firing tweeter, one mid-wooder each powered by a class-d digital amplifier. When combined the Move sounds incredible, crip and room-filling. It is always interesting to see what Sonos is able to do in such small devices, offering truly fantastic audio, and the Move is no expectation. The Move does feature Automatic Trueplay, meaning the device will calibrate itself for the room constantly, ensuring it always delivers the best sound possible, at least with Wi-Fi audio. This feature sadly does not work with Bluetooth audio, meaning you will be forced to listen with no calibration, but even then, it still managed to sound full and rich, even if it was a bit less robust.

Sonos Move (Hardware) Review 4
Sonos Move – Photo Credit: CGMagazine

Listening to a wide range of music from Soil & “Pimp” Sessions, to rocking out to Ghost, or even Kendrick Lamar, and I have nothing but good things to say about the audio. While it will not compete with a full perfectly calibrated audio setup, the Move captured clear, deep audio. The bass never felt overpowering, and the mids and highs came through clear. Even the complex  Soil & “Pimp” Sessions captured all the nuances you would want from a high-end audio system and even managed to get a bit more range of the sound than some of my high-end Sony audiophile headphones.

But as with any Sonos product, the Move does not come cheap. Setting you back $499 CAD, the Move is in the upper echelon of portable speakers. It offers far more value for that money, but often it will make more sense to buy something disposable if you constantly give it a beating.

Sonos set out to make the ideal Wi-Fi portable speaker, and they succeeded with the Move. This is a testament to the quality and time Sonos spends on their products, building devices that both last and sound great. While not for everyone, if you are already a part of the Sonos ecosystem and are in the market for a new speaker, look no further than the Sonos Move.

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