SteelSeries Diablo III Headset Review

SteelSeries Diablo III Headset Review 2

SteelSeries, with the Diablo III line of products, have crafted a series of high quality accessories that are not only molded after the game but are also superb products for any serious fan. The Diablo Headset is a prime example of this. It’s built with a 50mm driver, leather ear cups, a braided nylon cord and a retractable microphone, all features you would expect on a premium headset.

The first impressive aspect of the headset is the overall build quality. It looks like it is right from the fiction of Diablo, with dark molded plastic, configurable red glowing lights the signature “III” for Diablo and a red and black braided Nylon cord. It also feels sturdy. All the parts of the headset feel like they are built to last. Much like all SteelSeries lines of products, time was spent not only ensuing they look good but are comfortable to wear. Despite the size, they are easy to wear for long play sessions. This critic spent the entire review process of Diablo III using the headset and there was little to no discomfort. It feels better than many high end headphones that are out there, due to the lightness, and proper head support. It makes for a snug comfortable fit that ensures sound comes though clear.

The sound is where the headset truly shines. The 50mm driver can pump sound out loud and clear as required. With games like Diablo, the sound immerses the player in the game world and allows the entire story to come through with dialog and music. A bad set of headphones or speakers can diminish this play experience. These headsets happily work as advertised. From the dark sounds of demons, to the dialog of the characters and the haunting musical score they all came though clear and rich. There was no distortion even on higher volumes and only a slight sense that the left ear was slightly more dominant over the right on lower volumes.

The microphone is another nice addition.  It is not as obtrusive as other comparable products, discreetly resting in the left side and extending when required. The sound quality on this microphone was also of surprising. It sounded clear in all chat programs tested, including Skype, and little loss was heard on the receiving end even when talking at lower volumes. These could easily be used as great setup for chatting in addition to game sessions – that is if the gamer friendly look can be disregarded.

The headset relies on a USB connection so which might be a sticking point for some. If the USB ports on your gaming rig demand a premium due to the number of devices plugged in – this could pose a concern, but this does allow for clear sound and the illumination that is present on the headsets. This illumination is controlled by the companion software; this software allows you to change the equalizer in addition to changing the way the illumination works. It can go from a constant pulse, to glow, to a sound based oscillation that is rather fun to watch. The software is Diablo themed so everything appears as if it could be from the game world. This is a nice touch although feels a little silly when being used on a work computer. It would have been nice to allow for a simple skin but this is a minor gripe.

The Diablo Headset from SteelSeries is a truly premium product that is well worth the $119 it goes for. The sound is clear and the microphone works very well. It has a great weight and overall feel. If you are in the market for a new headset or just looking for something to go along with your Diablo obsession this is a great product that’s hard to pass up.

Final Thoughts

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