The Sidiz T50 Office Chair Review

Best Gaming & Office Chairs for Women – The Sidiz T50
Best Gaming & Office Chairs for Women – The Sidiz T50 9
The Sidiz T50
Company: Sidiz
Type: Chair
MSRP: $359
CGM Editors Choice

How does the Sidiz T50 stack up as one of the best gaming chairs for woman?

Working from home isn’t a new concept, but it’s become more and more of a reality for us this past year. Many of us are learning to work, socialize and play at our desks, spending more and more time firmly planted in seats. So, of course, we all want the best device to keep us comfortable for long hours on our backsides. Enter the gaming and office chair.

There are a host of varieties of excellent chairs for varying preferences and needs, but for a lot of women, it is a difficult thing to navigate. While all women are different, many of us are shorter or wider and have varying considerations when it comes to selecting the best chair. This series aims to review popular gaming and office chairs and see if they are a great fit for the average woman’s body type.

For reference, the tester is about 5”4, 140lbs, wears a 28 waist, and is about average in every dimension. Hopefully, that provides a suitable avatar to contextualize chair dimensions so you can find the best chair for you. Today’s test subject: The Sidiz T50

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Sidiz is a company that creates office chairs for everyone from kids to adults. Based in Korea, they focus on creating “high quality products for everyone,” which, in this case, includes the average woman. They describe the T50 as the “all time favourite,” and it is easy to see why. The chair boasts lots of features and functionality that make it stand up against many of the giants.

What makes this chair stand out is that it is a hybrid of many of the features in both gaming and office chairs. It is a low-profile mesh chair with lumbar support and adjustability, but also has the coveted lean option found mostly in gaming chairs.

Best Gaming &Amp; Office Chairs For Women – The Sidiz T50 2
The Sidiz T50

The adjustability starts with the backrest which includes a built in, adjustable lumbar support. The support can be adjusted on a vertical range, which makes it great for several body types and heights. Further, the tension can be adjusted which will be comfortable for different sizes and seating styles. Paired with that, the seat’s base can be adjusted for slant and depth. The slant is a great feature for those who want to change positions for blood flow during the day.

“The Sidiz T50 chair fits in the price range of office chairs and has the functionality you would expect from something more premium.”

What’s really special about the seat on the Sidiz T50 is that it can be adjusted to give more space for someone who likes more lumbar tension. It allows you to turn up the tension without feeling like you are going to be pushed too far forward. This is also a great feature that allows people of different heights and leg lengths to sit comfortably. The seat base is flat which is conducive to different sitting styles and ensures there is room for people with wider hips and thighs to fit in the chair comfortably.

Along with those features comes the stellar backrest. The backrest on the Sidiz T50 is tall, curved, and made of mesh which is extremely comfortable for those who want a complete backrest for long hours. What’s more, there is a lever that allows you to push the chair back into what is commonly called “nap mode.” “Nap mode” is usually a feature of gaming chairs that allows the user to sit all the way back and lie on the headrest and is not something commonly found in office chairs. This exciting feature allows you to get the best of both worlds: a low-profile mesh chair with gaming chair lounge capability.

At $359USD, the chair falls into the middle price range in the realm of office chairs, comparable to the Autonomous ErgoChair2. Much like that item, its price comes with built in lumbar support and a headrest which is excellent. It’s available in a few colours that will match a variety of rooms, and it’s newly launched black colour is a great addition to the collection.

The Sidiz T50 chair fits in the price range of office chairs and has the functionality you would expect from something more premium. Its adjustability is conducive to multiple body types and will work well for the average woman’s body type. Its “nap mode” capability makes it a great hybrid between gaming and office chairs, letting it be slick and mesh while still as comfortable for those who prefer a gaming chair style.

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