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Spike Chunsoft Opens North American Branch In California

Dec 4, 2017 | Zubi Khan
Japan-based video game developer Spike Chunsoft, the company…

Danganronpa V3’s Ending Makes a Polarizing Case for Letting the Series Go

Oct 28, 2017 | Kenneth Shepard
Danganronpa is a series that has largely existed…

First 15: Danganronpa V3 - Killing Harmony

Sep 20, 2017 | CGMagazine
Derek Heemsbergen takes you through the chilling introduction…

Danganronpa V3 will feature streaming and screenshot restrictions on PS4

Sep 19, 2017 | Kenneth Shepard
Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony will have streaming restrictions…

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (PS4) Review

Truth Versus Lies
Sep 19, 2017 | Derek Heemsbergen
A few years ago, I wanted nothing to…

Danganronpa Another Episode coming to PS4 next summer

Nov 18, 2016 | Kenneth Shepard
NIS America has announced that it will be…

Danganronpa and its Sequel are Coming to PS4 Next Year

Oct 4, 2016 | Kenneth Shepard
NIS America is bringing both Danganronpa visual novels…

What You Need to Know About Sony at TGS 2015

Sep 15, 2015 | Brendan Frye
With Tokyo Game Show underway, it is time…

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls (PS Vita) Review

Sep 9, 2015 | Jake Yanik
Danganronpa is a franchise that I was oblivious…

MISSING: An Interactive Thriller Episode 1 (PC) Review

Aug 15, 2015 | Aleksander Gilyadov
MISSING: An Interactive Thriller is an episodic game…

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Coming In September

Jun 5, 2015 | Brendan Frye
Danganronpa is ready to release the next chapter…

Danganronpa’s Cartoon Drama Problem

Feb 3, 2015 | Reid McCarter
This article discusses plot  details from Danganronpa: Trigger…

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