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Will PG-13 ruin Deadpool? - 2014-09-25 13:36:50

Will PG-13 ruin Deadpool?

We are finally getting a Deadpool movie, but is it the Deadpool movie we want? After three years in a state of suspended animation, 20th

Comics Out Today 5/14/2014

Comics Out Today 05/21/2014

Hey everyone, another Wednesday means it’s another week for comics! This week sees the conclusion and aftermath to a massive event, a new gang on

Comics Out Today 4/16/2014

Comics Out Today 4/16/2014

Hey everyone, we here at CG Magazine are going to be trying something a little different this week. We thought it would be fun to

Deadpool (Xbox 360) Review 3

Deadpool (Xbox 360) Review

Point of reference Let me begin this review by stating one simple fact, I am not a huge fan of Deadpool as a character. I

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