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Cgmagazine’s Game Delay Watch (January 2020 Edition)

CGMagazine’s Game Delay Watch (January 2020 Edition)

 |  CGMagazine
CGMagazine has compiled a list of what games are being pushed for a later release date across 2020, along with updates from developers on when they are expected to come out.
Dying Light Celebrates Third Anniversary With New Video, Giveaways And Surprises Throughout Feb

Dying Light celebrates third anniversary with new Video, Giveaways and Surprises throughout Feb

 |  Brendan Frye
Wrocław, Poland / Techland, a leading developer and publisher of video games, is proud to communicate that it’s been three years since the global zombie infestation known as Dying Light spread across the world. As both a thank you to fans and an invitation to new players, Techland is today kicking off a series of […]
Dyling Light Gets A Standalone Multiplayer Expansion

Dying Light Gets A Standalone Multiplayer Expansion

 |  Preston Dozsa
Dying Light will be getting a standalone, multiplayer expansion in 2018, Techland announced Thursday. Called Dying Light: Bad Blood, the expansion will “blend PvP and PvE styles of gameplay, while retaining the core of Dying Light’s unique experience,” according to Techland. Each match in the new mode will begin with six players dropping into a zombie […]
Dying Light To Receive 10 Free Dlc Packs

Dying Light to Receive 10 Free DLC Packs

 |  Remington Joseph
It appears that Techland’s survival horror game Dying Light will be receiving continued support for the next year.
Surviving A Grounded Nightmare: The Games That Are Getting “Hardcore Mode” Right 2

The Games that are Getting “Hardcore Mode” Right

 |  Alex Avard
While many of us enjoy playing our favourite videogames on a high difficulty setting, most of them tend to offer an experience which, if you’ll excuse the honest reductionism, can essentially be boiled down to a decrease in player health and an increase in enemy damage and aggression. It’s an established norm that’s existed in […]
Cgmagazine March 2016: Modern Multiplayer

CGMagazine March 2016: Modern Multiplayer

 |  Cody Orme
CGMagazine rolls into spring by looking at multiplayer in the modern gaming landscape. David Jagneaux talks about death of couch co-op, what makes it great, and it’s slow demise, while Mike Stubbsy discusses the growing field of mobile eSports. Jordin Biordi talks with the Randy Greenback, one of the minds behind the Kickstarter project Friday […]
Dying Light: The Following (Xbox One) Review 5

Dying Light: The Following (Xbox One) Review

 |  Khari Taylor
In this reviewer’s humble opinion, Dying Light is one of this console generation’s most underappreciated masterpieces.  Combining the vertigo-inducing, parkour platforming thrills of Mirror’s Edge, the constant threat of danger presented by Left 4 Dead 2’s “fast zombies” and the addictive loot-weapon upgrade mechanics popularized by the Borderlands franchise, Dying Light arguably redefined the first-person […]
Cgmagazine’s Game Delay Watch (January 2020 Edition)

Be the Zombie Returns to Dying Light in The Following

 |  William Dixon
Fans of Dying Light will have more reasons to jump back in the zombie hordes February 9 when the expansion: The Following, is released.
Dying Light: The Following Reveal Trailer - 2015-08-13 08:52:37

Dying Light: The Following Reveal Trailer

 |  Brendan Frye
Dying Light was a game when it was in development had people skeptical of it’s potential.
Cgmagazine February 2015: The Education Issue 1

CGMagazine February 2015: The Education Issue

 |  CGMagazine
February 2015 This latest issue of CGM looks at how education and games aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. The perception of education has been changing a lot in recent years, and it’s no longer considered a simple matter of memorizing facts for a test, then disposing of that information once the test has been passed. Critical […]

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