Dying Light Standard Edition Owners can Upgrade to the Enhanced Edition for Free

| May 5, 2022

If you own Dying Light and have been holding off buying the game’s extra content, well your patience has been rewarded as developer, Techland has announced the Enhanced Edition will be a free upgrade to all standard edition owners.

The no extra cost upgrade is across all platforms the game is available on, as Techland didn’t mention any exceptions in the announcement. Standard edition owners of Dying Light will be entitled to The Following expansion, The Bozak Horde, the Crash Test Skin Pack, the Ultimate Survivor Bundle, and the Cuisine & Cargo DLC. To claim your Enhanced Edition goodies, simply launch the game and head to “DLC Packs” in the game’s main menu and start downloading all the free extra content.

Dying Light Standard Edition Owners Can Upgrade To The Enhanced Edition For Free

For anyone who has beaten Dying Light and hasn’t gone back in a while, The Following expansion gives fans a brand new story and map to explore in an eight to ten-hour campaign. As for the DLC packs, Cuisine & Cargo lets players explore and discover loot in two hardcore Quarantine Zones, meanwhile, The Bozak Horde adds a new mode that can be played in both solo and co-op.

The free Enhanced Edition upgrade also offers free gear in the Ultimate Survivor Bundle, which adds four weapon packs and three blueprints. Additionally, the Crash Test Skin Pack is self-explanatory, but just for the sake of the description, the DLC allows players to literally look like a Crash Test Dummy in the game.

The news follows Techland pushing out the last ever update to Dying Light‘s dark fantasy-inspired DLC, Hellraider which is available starting today, it adds a variety of bug fixes and quality of life improvements to the DLC. That’s not it as Techland is also releasing a brand new steampunk DLC to the 2015 game called Dieselpunk, which is also available starting today. It’s a pretty Dying Light heavy year for the developer who release the long waited sequel back in February.

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Dying Light was originally launched on January 26th, 2015 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, the game was later launched on Nintendo, PS5, and Xbox Series. Those next-gen versions were released not too long ago, which was in March of this year.

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