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Heroes Of Ruin (3DS) Review 1

Heroes Of Ruin (3DS) Review

The lovable little 3DS has been given grey cartridges containing games of nearly every conceivable genre in its short lifespan, with the notable exception of

Heroes for Hire #10 Review 2

Heroes for Hire #10 Review

For the most part I think the Fear Itself tie-ins have been fairly enjoyable, as even though they descend upon a title, the story is

Heroes For Hire #9 Review 2

Heroes For Hire #9 Review

With Fear Itself spreading across the Marvel Universe, no title is safe, as it hits Heroes for Hire with a vengeance!Since the start of this

3D Dot Game Heroes (PS3) Review 1

3D Dot Game Heroes (PS3) Review

Welcome to Dotnia, a small land rendered completely in 2D and protected by six orbs and six sages. Once upon a time, a long time

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