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Apple Removes Fortnite Developer Epic Games From Dev Tools 2

Apple Removes Fortnite Developer Epic Games From Dev Tools

 |  Clement Goh
Fortnite developer Epic Games has responded to Apple’s latest retaliation of fee disagreements by taking away the developer’s access for making iOS and Mac titles in the future. According to Epic Games in a tweet, their team of developers will be losing their accounts with Apple’s software kits while blacklisting the studio even further away […]
Nintendo Will Fix Joy-Cons With “Drift” For Free 1

Nintendo Will Fix Joy-Cons With “Drift” For Free

 |  Liam Ferguson
Due to the recent class-action lawsuit filed against Nintendo over Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons suffering from “drift”, they have promised free repairs.
Australian Court Fines Valve 3 Million 1

Australian Court Fines Valve $3 Million

 |  Lane Martin
It is a widely accepted notion that the holidays are a time of giving. It looks like gaming giant Valve will, a part from their normal winter sale, be paying out 3 million Australian dollars, though not out of the goodness of its heart. No,  the owners and maintainers of the most popular PC game […]
Ark: Survival Evolved Future In Jeopardy Ahead Of Lawsuit

Ark: Survival Evolved future in jeopardy ahead of lawsuit

 |  Jesse Lyle
Wildcard Studios may be forced to pull their hit game from Steam as a lawsuit filed against them by Trendy Entertainment, creators of Dungeon Defenders, claims that a former employee of theirs breached his contract to help develop Ark: Survival Evolved. The surprise smash-hit of the summer for 2015, the survival game set in a […]
Digital Homicide Keeps On Fighting

Digital Homicide Keeps on Fighting

 |  William Dixon
Digital Homicide is trying to prove that it’s the little engine that could. The independent studio has just launched a lawsuit against video game pundit, critic and journalist, Jim Sterling. Filed to an Arizona district court in Phoenix, Digital Homicide is pursuing legal action claiming that Sterling has assaulted, committed libel and slandered the company […]
Former Halo Composer Sues President Of Bungie - 2014-06-06 16:40:46

Former Halo Composer Sues President of Bungie

 |  Tyler Reynolds
Marty O’Donnell, the composer behind all of the Bungie made Halo games is suing Harold Ryan, the company’s president. Apparently Bungie has a policy to pay accrued but not used vacation pay, paid time off, sabbatical time and other benefits to fired employees, but haven’t paid O’Donnell since his termination in April. In the court […]
Nintendo Pays Royalty For Every 3Ds Sold

Nintendo Pays Royalty For Every 3DS Sold

 |  James Griffin
Well, looks like the big N is in some more trouble. In a recent case, Nintendo was found guilty of infringing on Tomita Technology’s glasses-free 3D screen patent. The verdict: Nintendo has to pay 1.82% of the wholesale price for each 3DS and 3DS XL sold. Even worse, this punishment will continue throughout the handheld’s entire […]
Lawyers Investigating Bf4 Suit Against Ea On Behalf Of Investors

Lawyers Investigating BF4 Suit Against EA On Behalf Of Investors

 |  Wayne Santos
Here’s one of those stories that, as a consumer, probably makes you a little sick to your stomach. According to Business Wire, an Atlanta, Georgia law firm known as Holzer Holzer & Fistel, LLC is looking into the possibility of filing a lawsuit against Electronic Arts for the buggy experience that was Battlefield 4. That’s […]
Too Human Removed From Xbox Live Marketplace - 2013-01-18 18:47:48

Too Human removed from Xbox Live marketplace

 |  Victoria Brown
Silicon Knights’ Too Human has been removed from the Xbox Live Marketplace and Games on Demand today, possibly in connection with the recent legal battle between developer Silicon Knights and Epic over the Unreal Engine.

The Learning Company sues Zynga for “Oregon Trail” trademark violation

 |  Steven Loung
The Learning Company believes that Zynga wants a “free-ride” with their “Oregon Trail” FrontierVille expansion.

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