Jackass Forever Stars See Huge Lawsuit As Movie Launches

Jackass Forever Stars See Huge Lawsuit As Movie Launches

Jackass Forever stuntmen, Steve-O and Chris Pontius, find themselves in proverbial hot water after a jet-ski stunt goes wrong and places Michael Vicens-Segura in the hospital.

On Wednesday, right on the eve of the new film Jackass Forever, the plaintiff pressed forward with the lawsuit, TMZ reports. There have been many stunts over the years since Jackass started back in 2000, but this may be their biggest lawsuit to come from one yet.

The lawsuit alleges that during a stunt where the two Jackass stuntmen would essentially perform a ‘jet-ski tug-of-war,’ seeing a winner if one remained on the jet-ski—spoiler, they usually don’t have winners—the harness that attached to both of Steve-O and Pontius unhooked and ripped into Vicens-Segura’s head. This caused heavy bodily harm, and ‘left a man with a busted up head and a ruined life’ according to the complaint.

Jackass Forever Interview: Steve-O, Wee-Man, &Amp; Chris Pontius | Bounce Nation
Steve-O left, Jason Acuña mid, Chris Pontius Right

Michael Vicens-Segura claims he was approached by the pair back in 2018, to use his jet-ski for the project. During the time of the accident, Vicens-Segura says he was directed to hold the water vehicles stable, so they would not move away from the designated start area. While he did as he was told, once the stunt was underway, this is where the harness from Steve-O’s back dislodged and caused the injury.

Vicens-Segura claimed he needed to be transported by helicopter to a hospital for emergency surgery for a fractured skull and possible brain bleeding. The incident left Vicens-Segura unable to work and continues to suffer from complications due to the experience.

The story is more noteworthy considering the incident happened back in 2018 and has just surfaced on the eve of the movie release for Jackass Forever. The plaintiff is seeking upwards of $12 million in damages per TMZ. A new video posted by the site shows the stunt in question and shows the plaintiff clearly in distress after the incident.

Jackass Forever is out today in theatres.

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