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Let It Die (PlayStation 4) Review 5

Let It Die (PS4) Review

One of the first games I can recall truly challenging me was No More Heroes. Not from a difficulty standpoint, mind you—I mean purely from

First 15 - Let It Die 1

First 15 – Let It Die

CGM explores the first section of Let it Die from the creative mind at Grasshopper Manufacturing, Suda51, and hitting the PS4 later this year. Don’t

The Silver Case (PC) Review 2

The Silver Case (PC) Review

The first thirty minutes of The Silver Case repelled me. The user interface was overwhelming, the primary mechanic was scrolling through text, and navigation was

Suda51 Headlines New Astro Boy Game

Suda51 Headlines New Astro Boy Game

Astro Boy‘s had an interesting history in the West. All three of his series have been localized, not to mention all of Osamu Tezuka’s original

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