New ios Game Thralled Attempts to Depict Slavery in Brazil 1

An upcoming game for ios devices called Thralled, involves reliving the nightmares of slavery in Brazil during the 1700’s.

The title is the project Miguel Oliveira, a third-year student at the University of Southern California’s interactive entertainment program.

The game follows a slave named Isaura, who is taken away from her child. She eventually escapes from the field, and begins a journey to find her long lost son. The unique art style is similar almost to that of cave paintings, emitting the tone of an old era.

The gameplay relies heavily on puzzle elements. Much of the story also involves her running away from a dark shadow.

In an interview with Polygon, Oliveira described the game as “no less than upsetting…It can’t somehow not bother people.”

Thralled does not yet have a release date. The trailer can be viewed here.