SoulCalibur Unbreakable Soul Is A Deck Building Fighting Game

Bandai Namco Games have finally shown gameplay of the mobile version of SoulCalibur.

SoulCalibur Unbreakable Soul is a deck building fighting game. Players will create decks filled with different weapons and attacks. By tapping the cards on screen, players will be able to perform attacks in the typical SoulCalibur fighting style.

Players will be able to unlock over 150 different avatars based on previous SoulCalibur fighters such as Nightmare and Cervantes. There will also be over 200 different cards to collect and to build decks with, each with it’s own element much like the elements in Pokemon.

SoulCalibur Unbreakable Soul is now available on the ios app store in US, UK, Japan, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy, with launches in other regions later on.