Versus Evil Explains the Disappearance of Afro Samurai 2

Versus Evil Explains the Disappearance of Afro Samurai 2 - 2015-11-19 11:55:34

Last week, I reported that Afro Samurai 2: The Revenge of Kuma had been remove from the Playstation Store and has since been removed from Steam. While details surrounding the game’s removal have been mostly sparse, CGMagazine has obtained the answers many have been seeking.

I met with the General Manager of Versus Evil, Steve Escalante during the Montreal International Gaming Summit to ask him about the game’s disappearance. His response was surprisingly candid and inspiringly honest. He said, “The game was a failure. We could not do, in good conscience, volume 2 and volume 3. So we’ve begun the process, it’s been a long process to figure it out because Sony has never really had to do this in this way, but we’re returning all the money. So across the board we’re putting out an apology saying ‘sorry about this.’”

Escalante added, “We’re Versus Evil; a company perspective, from a partnership perspective and now we have to do it from a consumer perspective. So we pulled it down, because we didn’t want to exacerbate it anymore and then we’re refunding the money.”

Escalante also noted “if you look at the reviews, it wasn’t that the game was broken or buggy, people just didn’t like it,” while in our own experiences with the game, we did note several bugs and issues. It could be argued that any game in a broken or buggy state should have never made it to consumers.

However, on the other hand, the fact that Versus Evil made the decision to pull an inferior product from the market and offer people a refund for their purchase (especially through Sony’s marketplace that basically gives you the shaft in every conceivable facet of refund acquisition) shows Versus Evil’s commitment to consumer satisfaction which in today’s game industry is a pretty great thing. It could have been very easy for them to take the money and run, leaving it in the store and in our libraries as a constant reminder of how we’d been fleeced. But the fact that Versus Evil is essentially taking this as a loss so we don’t have to makes their apology more sincere; hopefully they learn from their mistake and commit further to consumer satisfaction.

  • Cameron Ward

    I met one of the Versus Evil guys at SXSW this year and they do seem like good guys. Im glad they are about customer satisfaction.

  • Nicholas Perry

    Well, they get plenty of goodwill from me for this. That takes a lot of courage and balls to own up to that.
    Most just take your money and run off with it.

  • Wildbill

    Well I for one am dissatisfied that the game was pulled. I'll not say whether the game is good or horrible. Seems to me however that the pc principal reviewers tore this game a new one for showing boobs and swearing so it got pulled before Versus Evil had to deal with the potential backlash of everyone it might offend. Get over it. I loved the first Afro Samurai. Was the gameplay great? No. Was the story great? No. I enjoyed listening to hip hop while slashing people to pieces and seeing hot anime chicks. It was a fun game. But I guess 6 years down the road everyone is too worried about offending someone. A shame that a few reviewers got the game pulled from the market before everyone else could judge for themselves. I'm mad I can't buy this game and relive the fun I had with the original.

    • Kevin

      Every time there's a backlash about a shitty, underdeveloped product, you people come out of the woodwork trying to blame it on "a few Youtubers and their armies of drones". And I love how you try to make it about "showing boobs", as opposed to crappy performance, glitches and sloppy one-dimensional combat.

      Now that I think about it, that's why everybody hated Duke Nukem! A couple of people were offended by wall boobs, a couple of reviewers tried to act snarky, and another fantastic game gets shit on. Yeah, that's it.

  • DemiGod Cosplays

    Im just now getting news on this and honestly Im highly upset I didnt get to play or even know a part 2 of the game was coming out, but I can say that making a Afro Samurai game go on PC is really downgrading in my eyes, why a PC version of a game that started on PS3 and Xbox360, should've just left it on PS4 and XboxOne. what I mean is yeah the game looks choppy and seems so repetitive to its Original but Afro Samurai has a good ass story if watching the anime and manga, could've made the game with Afro fighting his dad or Afro and Juno fighting on top of "Gods Hand" again as a spar before he got corrupted again. Better graphics, better cutscenes. Look at DmC Devil May Cry they made a reboot of something Amazing, was it good? it was whatever not the best but it put its on twist. I think Versus Evil should pick it back up and not make a trilogy but make an Actual Afro Samurai 2 made only for PS4 and XboxOne, if they cant then someone should. because Gaming is gaming, your child and nobody should be getting offended over a video game that we and you the consumer is buying. Thats all I can say.