Balrog Coming Along With Ibuki In New Street Fighter V Update

Capcom keeps fueling the excitement with Street Fighter V’s character updates, and brings with them a small surprise to an upcoming update.

Revealed during a stream for Community Effort Orlando (CEO), a part of Capcom’s official Street Fighter V pro circuit, Balrog was revealed to be joining the July 1st update along with Ibuki. Capcom has also released a trailer featuring the character, which you can watch below:

In yet another surprise, two more characters, Juri and Urien, were teased as the trailer ended. The two characters will be released later this year. Capcom revealed a new casino themed stage in the trailer as well.

Street Fighter V, released in February of this year, has had a steady stream of story updates featuring new characters and content. Although labeled the “June Story Update”, the new characters and story will be released on July 1st.