No Man's Sky Loses Nearly 90% Of Players

No Man's Sky Loses Nearly 90% Of Players

The sky keeps on falling for No Man's Sky. Hello Games' much-anticipated has lost almost 90% of its player-base on the PC, according to SteamSpy.

A cursory look at the daily concurrent players paints a grim picture. The spacefaring adventure game has seen a plummeting userbase within two weeks, at least on the PC. Hourly concurrent player numbers look equally as grim. Players who have bought the game simply don't look to be playing it all that much anymore.

There are some other interesting numbers to glean from this data. While there has been an increase in sales, it's been by an incremental amount since the initial burst. On top of that, the amount of people streaming the game on Twitch has fallen a significant amount.

These numbers point to a few things. For starters, it's clear that an initial burst of hype got a lot of attention at first. A lot of people streamed the game, and a lot of people played it. Then interest started waning a few hours. Players either dropped off or got a refund. Even players who kept going haven't played a whole lot. The average playtime sits at around sixteen hours, which is comparatively low.

In simpler terms? These numbers validate the narrative surrounding No Man's Sky. There seems to be a general consensus that the game was overhyped and underdelivered. Sony's refund policy has been brought into question, and Hello Games has promised a better game with the launch of the PS4 Neo.

From my perspective, it's too little, too late. No Man's Sky didn't impress me to begin with, and I quickly moved on to other things. In fact, I got rid of my copy yesterday and picked up a copy of The King of Fighters XIV with the cash. A much better investment, with much more content, to boot.

  • MeowiWaui

    So what's going on Murray? I think we all agree it's time you talk to community.

    • ERT

      I hope he pays back

  • xanxibar

    this is one of the stupidest articles i've ever read.

    • ERT

      please elaborate.

  • goose7

    Based on all the hate that has been spewed at this game and its developers over the last two weeks by a bunch of arrogant A Holes who haven't bought the game much less played it, if I were Hello Games I wouldn't have anything to say to NON OWNERS and NON PLAYERS either!

    I actually own the game on PS4 and PC, and their personal communication with me since launch has been stellar and far faster and more personal than I usually see from your typical game developer. Especially with the number of people who are playing the game right now on PS4 and PC.

    They are working as fast as they can to address issues some people are still having. I haven't had a crash on PS4 since the 1.04 update. I'm closing in on 70 hours of play and the game is still surprising me.

    Too bad so many will never experience the game because they allowed themselves to be duped by Click Bait Hit Pieces and total BS opinions from haters who haven't played the game.

    • Cont Gugal

      So people having a different view than you are haters.

      • xanxibar

        No, haters are the feckless morons who decided to hate the game for no good reason.

        • goose7


        • ERT

          for now reason? i think there's thousands or trillions of reasons to hate this "do whatever you want" snake oil alpha staged "game". People like you are the cancer that's killing the video game industry with such conformity when the product is not even finished and sold at a freaking $60 bucks.

          • DaScorpion

            Can you please elaborate in how you believe this is not finished?

      • goose7

        Guess you missed the part where I said "HAVEN'T PLAYED THE GAME".

        Everyone is entitled to an opinion on product they have actually used, but I fail to see an ounce of value in an opinion from someone who hasn't.

        That my reading comprehension challenged friend was the point of my comment.

        The game is obviously not for everyone, but those who are not normally fans of space games, exploration games, or any of the other types of games in which NMS's gameplay focuses on are hardly the people to listen to regarding the value and playability of this title.

        Speaking as someone who enjoys these gameplay elements and is a huge fan of the space game genre, I am finding No Man's Sky to be a worthy addition to the small yet growing lost genre it now joins.

        In terms of this article... It is just another in a serious of negative Click Bait pieces being shoveled onto the internet by third rate gaming news sites looking to cash in on the hate train NMS has been shackled with, through no fault of its own.

        Those of us who actually followed the development of the game over the last 5 years know the ACTUAL CONTENT of all the Sean Murray interviews and what was actually said about topics such as Multi-Player.

        The hate is totally undeserved. The disgusting hate posts calling Murray a liar and every other derogatory name under the sun reveal everything that is wrong with the video game community in 2016. I for one will have no part of it, having stopped playing online with strangers 10 years ago, and multi-player of any kind as of the beginning of this year.

        The fact that NMS offers an OFFLINE mode was one of the unique features that first attracted me to the game other than the genre being my favorite.

        Even if the hate filled internet gaming community manages to kill this game for sport, I will still be able to play it even if the servers shut down thanks to clueless ass holes who have no business calling themselves rational adults, much less gamers.

    • ERT

      Are you kidding me? they deserve this and much more. They sold a crappy bugged out "game" in alpha stage as a full AAA game at 60 bucks. When i realized the game was less than 10gb in todays standards for AAA you know something is wrong. They spent all their budget in marketing and 10% on developing the game so they could rob more money off of pre buyings. If you enjoy getting scammed that's your problem. I'm perplexed how people will defend a con man like Sean Murray. I hope they get sue and go bankrupt.

      • DaScorpion

        Are you seriously basing the quality of the game from the file size? This game world is generated as you go. It's an exploration game, and it does a great job at it. It's not a genre for everyone, and that's okay, but please don't judge a game by file size. Some of the best games I've played in the past couple of years aren't even a gig in size.

        I think most people probably thought it was going to be something totally different and that's probably what they are upset about, and I can understand that because I too had a different thought about what this game would be when they first announced it. But I did my research and understood what the product was BEFORE I spent my money on it. It's been well worth it for me. But again, that's just my opinion.

  • nindustrial

    This article is meaningless unless you have stats showing that the majority of single player, new releases on steam don't see some sort of similar drop in concurrent users over the course of the first few weeks after release.

    I'm not defending the content of the game, but this is textbook confirmation bias. I could easily point you to the same website where NMS is listed as #9 for Top By Playtime over the last two weeks. Or to the stats on steamdb showing that Grand Theft Auto V "lost" an *astonishing* 50% of its player base, or or approx. 188K players, in two weeks; what an abject failure/product of hype!

    For one thing, concurrent users isn't a direct measure of how many people who bought the game are still playing; it might be a proxy for popularity, but by definition it only measures people online in the game at the exact same time. And its far less telling for a single player game, as it doesn't rely on concurrent users for having a wide base for matchmaking like in a multiplayer game. For another, you have no statistics regarding the PS4 playerbase.

    Thus, the one graph linked in this article proves nothing about whether the game was overhyped or that it "underdelivered." This piece doesn't qualify as actual analysis but it's got a catchy headline. I'd advise putting more work in next time.

    • goose7

      In other words... CLICK BAIT.

      Nice commentary by the way! Very well said.

    • DaScorpion

      Totally agree, especially on your third paragraph. I still play this game, I'm just not on it all the time or ever every day. NMS is one of those games that I play for about 4 hours then step away for a few days and then come back and play another 4 hours. I'm sure some users have stepped away for good, but being an ENORMOUS game of exploration, I would imagine that other players probably take the same tactic as I have.

  • RavnosCC

    Edit this please: "Then interest started waning a few hours."

  • J.j. Barrington

    Question: how does this compare to other games?

    Answer: who cares? This article is for the clicks!