Wolverine and Cyclops stand divided in X-Men: SCHISM

Todd CampbellApr 5, 2011
Wolverine and Cyclops stand divided in X-Men: SCHISM - 2011-04-05 16:03:06

Two of Marvel’s most iconic heroes will be fighting to lead Marvel’s merry band of mutants.

Marvel will soon be launching X-Men: SCHISM, a 5-issue mini-series that will see Cyclops and Wolverine battling it out for the leadership of the X-Men. The series will be written by Wolverine scribe Jason Aaron, with a different artist coming on for each issue.  The first issue will see Carlos Pacheco leading the charge followed by: Frank Cho, Daniel Acuña, Alan Davis and Adam Kubert in that order.

The conflict in SCHISM begins when a character from Grant Morrison’s New X-Men run returns and causes a widespread panic that increases the public’s fear of mutants. The divide between Wolverine and Cyclops emerges as they try to figure out how to best respond to and control the situation.

Of course, things have been tough for the mutant population since the events of the 2005’s House of M left mutantkind on the brink of extinction, so internal conflict will only add to the usual anti-mutant problems that the X-Men have to deal with. Whatever the outcome, SCHISM promises to bring significant change to the X-Men when it hits store shelves in July, and you can be sure that claws will be snikt’d, optic blasts will be blasted, and at least one person will be called ‘bub.’

Source: CBR