Battleblock Theater to launch closed beta

| Jan 17, 2013
Battleblock Theater to launch closed beta - 2013-01-17 17:23:53

Fans of The Behemoth’s Castle Crashers have a new game to look forward to as a closed beta of the upcoming multiplayer game Battleblock Theatre is set to launch between February and March.

Battleblock has been in development since 2009, and according to The Behemoth’s blog, the beta will only be open to 10,000 chosen registrants. People interested in trying to play this beta should make sure they have renewed their Xbox Live Gold account, as this is a main requirement to be able to play.

Age also matters for this beta as The Behemoth will only allow kids 13 and older to participate, and require consent from parent/guardian if they’re under 18.

The Behemoth does mean business with this beta and is telling potential players up front that a seven day testing task list needs to be done while playing. The list includes writing down any errors encountered, how effective the gameplay is and completing daily surveys.

The plot of Battleblock Theatre starts with you shipwrecked on an island, only to be betrayed by your good friend Hatty and captured by some locals. The Behemoth has said that Battleblock Theater will have 200 characters and levels to choose from when the game is launched, but as of now there is no release date for the game. 

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