Launch of the BlackBerry 10 updates

Launch of the BlackBerry 10 updates - 2013-01-30 16:12:53
| Jan 30, 2013

 It has arrived. The executives, fans and journalists have gathered for the launch of anticipated BlackBerry 10, going on in six cities bringing us together to see what RIM has to offer. Comics and Gaming Magazine will be bringing all the latest news to you from the BlackBerry 10 launch, and will continue to update as they come.

 With the touch screen Blackberry Q10 and the keyboard Blackberry Z10 RIM (Research in Motion) has dealt a name charger, and will now be known as BlackBerry (so now you don’t have to explain who and what RIM is every time it’s brought up).

“From this point forward RIM become Blackberry. It is one brand,” said CEO Thorsten Heins.

Also on the Blackberry update list is the new BlackBerry Balance, which will separate both work and person apps as two different profiles. BlackBerry messenger with also have video calling capabilities, in real time regardless of where the person is. In the middle of your call you can now screen share to show images and screenshots to caller.

Update: Heins has announced the Blackberry Z10 will be avalible in Canada Feb.5 for around $149.99 for a three-year contract.

Update: BlackBerry shows 70,000 new apps to had including Skype and Kindle, as well as a variety of games like Angry Birds Star Wars and Plants VS Zombies

Update: BlackBerry will have a global creative director position, filled by Alicia Keys bounding on stage with a black velvet blazer.

I’m going to work closely with the app designers, the carriers, to explore this BB10 platform,” she said. 

Update: Everyone in the launch audience gets a Blackberry Z10…and with that Heins leaves the stage.