Tropico 5 Coming to PlayStation 4

Tropico 5 Coming to PlayStation 4 2
| Jan 30, 2014

The fine people at Haemimont Games announced today that their upcoming city builder, Tropico 5, will make its way to PlayStation 4. This marks the first appearance of a Tropico game on a Sony console.

Surprisingly, there was no mention in the press release of an Xbox One version (so sorry Microsoft fans). Luckily, the game has already been confirmed for Xbox 360, PC and MAC.

The Tropico series is a city building simulator in the same vein as Age of Empires and SimCity. Players, who are called El Presidente, build cities and advance their civilizations on tropical islands, while running into parodies of famous revolutionary figures like Che Guevara and Margeret Thatcher. Tropico 5 adds both competitive and co-operative multiplayer, a first for the series. Also added is a Dynasty mode, where El Presidente’s children can rule after you’re gone.

Tropico 5 is set to release later this year. Keep it tuned to CGM as more details arise.

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