Demi Lovato is Launching a Mobile Game

Demi Lovato is Launching a Mobile Game 1
| Jul 14, 2015

That’s right, Demi Lovato is another celebrity jumping on the bandwagon of mobile games. Unlike Katy Perry, Britney Spears, and Kim Kardashian,however, Lovato is teaming up with Pocket Gems.

According to ET Online, the game will be a “choose your own adventure” game, but doesn’t have a name yet. The game will run on Pocket Gem’s Episode platform, where many other games within the storybook genre are available.

Episode itself is a free app with both free and in-app purchasable games. On both the iTunes store and Google Play, there are fairly high ratings, and generally good reviews.

Pocket Gem’s Jameel Khalfan spoke to Billboard, saying the game will have players following Lovato while on tour and backstage while building their own musical careers. Lovato will be involved in scripting dialogue, and choosing the clothes her persona will wear.

Khalfan told Billboard, “You get to see things that have helped her along the way. We wanted to come up with a compelling story our users will love. They’re all aware of her story.”


Some of Lovato’s songs may be in the game, but her dog’s appearance has been confirmed.
Lovato is making a smart move. Mobile games are on the rise, and with 56% of mobile gamers in North America being female, according to the EEDAR, some of them must be fans of Lovato. Not to mention Kim Kardashian: Hollywood brought in $43 million in just three months, so with a fanbase as wide as Lovato’s, her game could prove to be a success.

Considering Glu Mobile based Kardashian’s game off two previous releases, (Stardom: Hollywood and Stardom: The A-List), all three of which are nearly identical, I wouldn’t be surprised if the other female singers signed on would find themselves in the same situation. This could end up hurting their game.

Lovato’s choice to sign with a different gaming company can help to bring in some diversity to these games that feature female celebrities. While Pocket Gems does have games with the same interactive story format, they do have different plot lines. It was reported that in 2013, Pocket Gems made $82 million dollars, so there seems no harm in venturing to different companies.

Lovato has said before that she wants to expand her brand. “I want to build an empire,” she told ET, “I don’t want to be just a musician. I want to be a business entrepreneur.” She’s also announced she would be teaming with Nick Jonas to make a record label company. With that in mind, maybe she could create more than one video game, depending on the turnout.

Until Lovato’s game actually releases, we won’t know for sure. I for one am curious as to what the final product will be, as well as how successful it may turn out to be.

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