Deliver Yourself in Unbox

  • Melanie Emile | 
    Jan 22, 2016
Deliver Yourself in Unbox - 2016-01-22 14:45:07

Have you ever lost a package in the mail just to have it show up weeks later? Maybe those boxes just go on their own adventures like the ones in the upcoming game, Unbox.

Developed by Prospect Games, Unbox is a platformer about self-delivering cardboard boxes. With a very Katamari Damacy feel, Unbox allows players to jump and roll around as a cardboard box on an adventure to deliver itself against a vibrantly coloured background. You can even play with friends and bring an onslaught of mail upon the world!

Unbox is hitting Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later on this year. Watch the trailer below for all the cardboard adorableness.

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