Doom Goes Back in Time With Alternate Covers

Doom Goes Back in Time with A
| Mar 3, 2016

So, I think we can all agree the official Doom cover is basic to say the least. But if you’re like me and want something a little more metal to leave on your shelf, the game’s twitter account is polling fans on what they’d like to see as a reversible cover.

The first looks like a Lamb of God album cover with a demonic skull and some kind of pentagram-like symbol on the back. It makes sense considering the series’ lore, but it’s also kind of freaky.  The next is an homage to the original game. It features Doomguy fighting off hordes of demons with the fires of hell surrounding him.

Both are really cool, and very well made. To be honest I have a hard time choosing which one I prefer. Originally, the second cover was my favorite, but there’s something about the black background, with red writing and a demon skull that speaks to the angry 16 year old in me. Either way, both of these alternate covers are an improvement over the actual design.