Explore No Man’s Sky This June

Explore No Man’s Sky in June
| Mar 3, 2016

A new trailer for the sci-fi exploration experience No Man’s Sky has finally given gamers a date to look forward too.

Fans had long been aware of a June release date for No Man’s Sky, made known during Paris Game Week, however Playstation Blog, has confirmed the game’s official release date setting it for June 22


. Along with the official release date, details about the limited edition were also announced which includes:

  • A sleek steel-book case
  • A 48-page art book
  • An exclusive comic by David Gibbons, James Swallow and Angus Mckie
  • A Starter DLC kit with added in-game items and bonuses
  • A Dynamic PS4 theme

Details of an exclusive PC Explorer’s Edition which comes with an enamel pin and a hand-painted metal ship model complete with decal stickers for optimal customization. As a massive fan of limited edition games and collectible junk I don’t need, I am both thoroughly excited for the PS4 release of No Man’s Sky and deeply regretful that I have no reason to get the PC version, outside of a cool spaceship to put on my shelf.

I guess I’ll have to compromise with this.